OSC 27: Free Alpha

  • Status: Finished
  • Prizes:
    LinPlug : 5 Alpha 3 (full version Alpha) and 1 MorphoX
    : Wusik Station Full + Wusik EVE Full
    GSI : Free choice of one plugin
    : Free choice of either Cryologic, Teutonic Tension or aPiano
    Frantic Records
    : Free choice of 2 soundsets: Sylenth1, Predator, Largo, Blofeld, PPGV3 or Dune
    Electric Himalaya : Free choice of one soundset as sold directly via the website
    Luftrum : Luftrum5 - a ReFill for Reason
    Le Lotus Bleu : Soundbank for Alpha 3
  • Synth info:
    Free Alpha by LinPlug is a subtractive virtual analog synth. It is cross platform and a feature
    reduced version of Alpha 3 with special attention being paid to recreating the warmth and feel typically
    found in early-1980s analog synthesizers. Its key features include an easy-to-use interface, fat,
    rich-sounding filters, as well as numerous processing and modulation options
  • Polyphony: 8 voices
  • Preset Memory: Unlimited (direct disk based)
  • Oscillators: 2 (Pitch, Amplitude and Symmetry modulateable)
  • Waveforms: 30 x 30
  • Filters: LP12, LP24, BP12, HP12
  • Envelopes: ADSFR for Amplitude and Cutoff (may be inverted)
  • LFO: 1 LFO, 6 Waveforms, Syncable to Tempo, Attack adjustable
  • Portamento/Glide: Mono & polyphonic Normal, Held and Auto-Bend (+- 48 semitones)
    Mode with adjustable Time
  • Voice Limit: 1 to 8 voices
  • Precision: Yes, 90 (analog warmth) to 100% (digital cold)
  • MIDI Learn: Yes (ECS)
  • Chorus: Yes, adjustable Depth and Speed
  • Modulation Matrix: 7 slot, 17 sources, 14 destinations
  • Pitch Bend Range: Fixed 2 semitones