OSC 19: SQ8L

  • Status: Finished
  • Synth Info:
    SQ8L by Siegfried Kullmann is a software model of Ensoniq's classic 1980s synth SQ80. The SQ80 features 3 digital wavetable oscillators for each of its 8 voices which are fed through analog 4-pole lowpass
    filters (-24dB gain) with resonance.
  • Sound parameters can be modulated by 4 envelopes, 3 LFOs and several MIDI sources.
  • The SQ80 also has a predecessor, the ESQ1, which can do most of the same stuff.
  • Although the technology may seem obsolete, these synths can produce a wide variety of interesting and
    extremely usable sounds. Thanks to the lo-fi oscillators and the analog components it can sound very digital
    and dirty, but also very analog and warm. Which is a good thing because modern synths often tend to sound
    rather clean.