OSC 18: Sonata

  • Status:  Finished
  • Synth Info:

    Sonata by SoHa Sound Design is a VST soft-synth for strong single-shot leads and pads. The distinctive character of Sonata makes it adept at strings and lots of simple subtractive sounds, while also specializing in sparkly and glassy mallet sounds, deep basses, and warm and rich mid-range chromatic inventions.
  • Sonata features two separate but similarly controlled generators, one for the sound's immediate attack
    and another for the fundamental tone. Both consist of rich harmonic spectra which are filtered to provide
    desired overtones. Each possesses its own exponential decay envelopes for amplitude and filter,
    and its own ADSR envelope.
  • The output from these is then fed into a little black box—a complex setup of delay devices set relatively
    for each note that creates a complex comb-filtering effect. This stage shapes the sound, emphasizing desired frequencies and providing richer post-filter overtones, similar to the way an instrument's body will influence its sound.
  • There are three global effects: a cross delay, distortion, and a reverb.