OSC 12: Rogue

  • Status:  Finished
  • Synth Info: Rogue by Noslogan is a very straight forward, easy to use, VSTi synthesizer that is designed to be smooth and round or harsh and cold (and everything in between). (It replaced Noslogan's Phobia Station).
    Think Ol' Skool Detroit, Roland TB-303™, Radioshack Electronics Learning Lab™, and a half-dead 9V battery,
    meets the underground technology from a dark civilization of the distant future. (use your imagination.)

    Rogue™ is a raspy, fried transistor, dropped on the ground a couple of times, bass/lead VSTi based on
    the slightly overdone subtractive synth concept. But what makes it unique is its ability to fry its own output
    in a lovingly controlled manner making it so much fun to play, you may not even notice it's just a bunch
    of saw (or square) waves being sent through a couple of lowpass filters.