The KVCC Archive google site will no longer be updated. This site will be maintained until all the current items can be transferred over to the archive's new location.
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Why Use Us!


Over a lifetime, most of us create a variety of records. It starts with a birth certificate and grows to include awards, financial statements, letters, photographs - anything that documents important events and relationships in one’s life. These records comprise an individual’s personal archives.

Governments, businesses, schools, and organizations of all types do the same, keeping records as evidence of their activities and accomplishments.

Archives gather, process, and store such records for research and historical preservation and use. 

Archives share some similarities with libraries and museums.  All three are excellent sources of information. However, there are some important differences. Libraries focus on published materials and museums house  physical artifacts. Archives deal largely with unpublished original records.  In many instances the Archive may be the only place to find a specific record. 

If you have ever wondered what the founders of a particular organization talked about among themselves you might want to find their letters to others. An archive is the most likely place to find these and many other types of unique records.