Karen Viola   Karen spent her childhood in Vancouver and Toronto, Canada, then ventured to New York City for the love of art and eye-opening. After college she moved a little further north for the love of family, climbing trees, and children’s books. And even more eye-opening. She hikes, sketches, and writes whenever she can while running her own art and design business, Climbing Tree Studio. Her expertise with paper engineering and print publishing informs her unfolding studio practice.

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I find inspiration in the patterns and narrative of nature, humans included. I enjoy combining painting with collage, gravitating often to the visual texture of handwritten words, ink that bleeds, and gestural lines. I like making art that incorporates found, natural materials and old scraps of my life that resonate across time. My intention always is to invite viewers to touch and feel the pieces I make, without gloves. I believe harnessing the delight of physical play can unlock new points of view. At any age.