Karen Viola   Karen spent her childhood in Vancouver and Toronto, Canada. She spent so much time drawing and hand-making things for people that she decided to venture to New York City to pursue her multi-faceted-making-things art career. She earned her BFA at Parsons School of Design, then moved to Westchester to raise a family, invent innovative children’s books and spend quality time with trees and rocks. She explores, sketches, and writes whenever she can while running her own art and design business, Climbing Tree Studio. Her expertise with paper engineering and print publishing informs her ever-evolving studio practice, as does her ongoing obsession with the art of the book.

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Climbing Tree Studio Logo - Karen Viola

I am currently focused on making ‘please touch’ interactive, moveable works which include the book as art object. I enjoy the visual texture of language. I encourage old ink lines to bleed with random washes into new, evocative forms. I use randomly cut or torn pieces of my musings as a playful way to discover hidden connections across time. And while this visceral process is my salve in a screen-hungry world, I celebrate how current technology allows me to archive shards of hand-recorded human experience via digital scans, prints, and acrylic medium. To be cut, shattered, collaged, painted, and hand-assembled again and again. Like a voice that sings many songs. Or perhaps it is many voices singing the same long song…