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Justification Logics seminar (Spring 2010)

Thursdays at 10-12 (unless stated otherwise) in lecture room A97.


February 25Roman KuznetsIntroduction to the seminar
March 4
No seminar
Colloquium in Honour of Erwin Engeler's 80th Birthday
March 11
Rico Zumbrunnen
Semantics for justification logics: symbolic and Kripke-style models
Additional reading: Melvin Fitting. The logic of proofs, semantically. Annals of Pure and Applied Logic, 132(1):1–25, February 2005. Also available here.
March 18Roman KuznetsRealization Theorem and the Role of Plus
March 25
Roman KuznetsRealization Theorem and the Role of Plus
April 1
Daniel FabianTableau and Sequent Systems
April 8
No seminar
Spring Break
April 15
Salome LüdiConservativity of justification operations
Additional reading: Melvin Fitting. Justification logics, logics of knowledge, and conservativity. Annals of Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence, 53(1–4):153–167, August 2008. Also available here.
April 22
No seminar

April 29
No seminar
Graduate Seminar Logic and Information (Münchenwiler)
May 6
Remo Goetschi
Realization manipulation
Additional reading: Melvin Fitting. Realizations and LP. Annals of Pure and Applied Logic, 161(3):368–387, December 2009. Also available here.
May 13
No seminar
Ascention Day
May 20
Bryan Renne (University of Groningen)Evidence Elimination in Justification Logic
I will present a logic combining Dynamic Epistemic Logic, a framework for reasoning about multi-agent communication, with a new multi-agent version of Justification Logic, a framework for reasoning about evidence and justification. This novel combination incorporates a new kind of multi-agent evidence elimination that cleanly meshes with the multi-agent communications from Dynamic Epistemic Logic, resulting in a system for reasoning about multi-agent communication and evidence elimination for groups of interacting rational agents.
May 27
Sebastian EberhardComplexity of justification logics
June 3
Sebastian EberhardComplexity of justification logics