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My name is Kevin Sanders, but you can call me Kuya Kevin ("Kuya" is Filipino for "older brother").  I am originally from Alabama (USA), but I've lived in the Philippines since 2002.  I'm a Christian Missionary and I do student ministry in Manila, Philippines.



Though I'm based here in Manila, I welcome readers from all over the world!

I started writing blog articles back in 2006.  Most of my articles are about relationship issues, which led to the publication of my new book: Basta LoveLife: Making Wise Relationship Decisions.  This book is available at all major book stores here in the Philippines.  

Here are some of the main categories on this blog:

Relationship Issues:

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Learning the Hard Way (a new series)

Christian Reflections:

Devotional Thoughts

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Note: My ministry is 100% funded by donations.  

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