Kuumba Kamp 2017

Kuumba Kamp Participants
Kuumba Kamp is a component of the African American Appalachian Arts, Inc., Kuumba Watoto Urban Youth Institute. KUUMBA WATOTO means “Creative Children” (from the language of Ki- Swahili). Kuumba Kamp offers intensive workshops that focus on the development of performance skills, knowledge of African and African American culture, self discipline, proper nutrition and individual goal setting that are reinforced during the camp. Our purpose is to provide a supportive environment that facilitates the development of the individual physically and emotionally. Kuumba Kamp is offered to school aged youth who are 5 to 18 years old.


CAMP DURATION: 3 weeks & 4 days of a participation and  performance opportunities during the Annual Kuumba Festival.  On on a daily basis youth are engaged in activities such as; Yoga, History, Language/Songs, Drums, Dance, Arts & Crafts, and Team building activities.  

We embrace the African Proverb, "It takes a whole Village to raise a Child". We patiently teach youth that taking care of your body, family, and community are keys to a wholistic life. 


3 weeks:           $120.00 per child  

Weekly Rate:    $40.00

                           CAMP DATES/TIME:  

Tuesday, May 30 - Tuesday June 20, 2017 at Vine Middle School/Performing Arts Wing on Bertrand Street.

                                        8:00am - Campers arrive on site (Drop-offs/Walkers)

*    Breakfast

*    Morning Ritual (Yoga)

*    Endurance Training

*    Small Group Workshops

*    Lunch

*    Small Group Workshops

*    Community Drum & Dance Class


2:15pm - Campers begin to depart site (Pick-Ups/Walkers)

                                         3:00pm - Camp Closed


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