3rd KUTS workshop, LPTHE Paris, 18-20 May 2015

Getting There:

The LPTHE is located in the campus of the University Pierre et Marie Curie, in the 5th arrondissement in central Paris. It is reachable with the metro lines 7 and 10 (station Jussieu), the exit of the station is just in front of the campus. Once you cross the main gate, locate the building number 13 (the buildings are arranged in a grid, we are on the left with respect to the central tower) and take the elevator to the 4th floor. Out of the elevator, just turn right and you will find the door of LPTHE.

Preliminary program:

Monday 18 May, Afternoon session: 14:30 - 18:00 (coffee break at 16:00)

   + P. Slavich:            Opening words
   + G. Lee:                  Higgs Bosons in Heavy SUSY with an Intermediate mA
   + W. Hollik:             Update on large-log resummation in FeynHiggs
   + J. Pardo Vega:      SusyHD: Higgs mass Determination with EFT  [see 1504.05200]

Tuesday 19 May, Morning session:
9:30 - 13:00 (coffee break at 11:00)

   + S. Borowka:         Renormalization scheme dependences in Higgs mass calculations [see 1505.03133]
   + T. Hahn:               What is new in FeynHiggs
   + L. Mihaila:            Update on the three-loop calculation of the MSSM Higgs masses
   + M. Goodsell:        Automated two-loop calculations of the Higgs masses in SUSY models [see these papers]

13:15 Lunch at the campus restaurant "L'Ardoise"  (offered by LPTHE!)

Tuesday 19 May, Afternoon session: 14:30 - 18:00 (coffee break at 16:00)

    + F. Staub:              Detailed comparison between public codes for the NMSSM [see working-group page - CERN account required]
    + M. Muhlleitner:  Two-loop corrections to the Higgs masses in the CP-violating NMSSM [see 1412.0918]
    + P. Drechsel:        Update on the FeynHiggs extension to the NMSSM

20:00 Dinner at the restaurant "Perraudin(sorry, not offered by LPTHE!)  – Please confirm your participation by Monday

Wednesday 20 May, Morning session:
9:30 - 13:00 (coffee break at 11:00)

    + H. Haber:             The Alignment Limit of the MSSM Higgs sector – the Impact of Radiative Corrections
    + S. Heinemeyer    Estimating the uncertainties of the Higgs mass calculation
    + All:                        Wrapping up, future plans for KUTS

Participants (22):

Borowka, Sophia
Di Vita, Stefano
Drechsel, Peter
Ellwanger, Ulrich
Goodsell, Mark
Grober, Ramona
Haber, Howie
Hahn, Thomas
Harlander, Robert
Heinemeyer, Sven
Hollik, Wolfgang
Hugonie, Cyril
Lee, Gabriel
Mihaila, Luminita
Muhlleitner, Margarete
Nickel, Kilian
Passehr, Sebastian
Pardo Vega, Javier
Slavich, Pietro
Staub, Florian
Weiglein, Georg