Preliminary program:

20.01., Wednesday afternoon, 14.00h:
- coffee for early arrivers

from 15.00h on:
- Luminita: local intro
- Sven: WTF (750 GeV etc., some "personal" view)

- Mark Goodsell: two-loop flavour contributions to Mh
- Sebastian Parssehr: Completing the lowest-order QCD corrections
                      to the Higgs-boson masses in the MSSM

21.01., Thursday morning, 10.00h:
- Alexander Voigt: Automated Higgs mass prediction in BSM models with
                   FlexibleSUSY using a mixed diagrammatic / EFT approach
- Henning Bahl: Update of large-log resummation in FeynHiggs
- Javier Pardo Vega: Update on the Effective Field Theory calculation of
                     the MSSM Higgs mass

21.01., Thursday afternoon, 15.00h:
- Carlos Wagner: Higgs bosons  in heavy SUSY for intermediate values of mA
- Gabriel Lee: our new code
- Emanuele Bagnaschi: light-THDM/heavy-SUSY

21.01., Thursday evening, 20.00h:
Workshop dinner at Palmbraeugasse
(everybody has to pay himself)

22.01., Friday morning, 10.00h:
- Werner Porod: SPheno devolpment
- Peter Drechsel: NMSSM update

- all: how to go ahead...

Click here for video broadcast.
You can see us, but you  cannot talk to us. Try to skype Sven (sven.heinemeyer) or Pietro (pietro.slavich).


Bahl, Henning (+)
Bagnaschi, Emanuele (+)
Braathen, Johannes (+)
Borowka, Sophia (+)
Drechsel, Peter (Thu, Fri +)
Ellwanger, Ulrich (++)
Goodsell, Mark (+)
Harlander, Robert (Wed, Thu)
Heinemeyer, Sven (+)
Hollik, Wolfgang (+)
Lee, Gabriel (+)
Mihaila, Luminita (+)
Muhlleitner, Maggie
Nickel, Kilian
Pardo Vega, Javier (+)
Passehr, Sebastian (+)
Porod, Werner (Thu, Fri +)
Rzehak, Heidi
Slavich, Pietro (+)
Steinhauser, Matthias (Thu)
di Vita, Stefano (+)
Voigt, Alexander (+)
Wagner, Carlos (+)
Weiglein, Georg (Thu, Fri +)
Zerf, Nikolai (+)

(+) = will participate in workshop dinner - please confirm
current count: 21

A few photos you can find here.