Click- "Donate to Kusewera here" link below to make a donation

~frequently asked questions:

Question 1: If I'm donating for someone's trip, where do I write their name?

Answer 1: After clicking on the "Update Total", it will give you a blue highlighted note that says +Add note to Kusewera under the Kusewera name. Write the volunteer's name there.

Question 2: If I'm paying in advance for the benefit, will my name show as paid?

Answer 2: Yes, if your name is on the credit card, otherwise, write the name(s) of the people you are paying in advance for in the same space as Answer 1 above.

Question 3: If I'm doing a general donation, do I need to enter any additional info?

Answer 3: Nope, just know you are appreciated, and the kids at Mtendere Village say "Zikomo!" which is "Thank you" in chichewa :)


or you can mail a check to:

8265 W. Sunset Blvd #203

West Hollywood, CA 90046

Attn: Kusewera - on behalf of ____________