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Born 6 March 1934.

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Academic Papers by Kurt J.Wagner MD.

  1. Congenital Anomalies Of The Head And Neck, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery - Volume 36, #1.
  2. Epithelial Regeneration After Spinal Cord Injuries, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery - Volume 34, #3.
  3. Subcutaneous Mastectomy with Immediate Reconstruction - Air Force Annals, 1966.
  4. Incidence of Congenital Malformations in New York City -  1952-1962, J.A.M.A., 1964-1965.
  5. Granular Cell Myoblastoma Plastic And Reconstruction - Volume 35, #1.
  6. Applications of Direct Current Coagulation in Plastic Surgery, Plastic And Reconstruction  - Volume 33, 4, April, 1964.
  7. Effect of Water Immersion On Burn Edema In Rabbits Surgery - 1962.

Books by Kurt J.Wagner MD.

  1. How To Win In the Youth Game: The Magic of Plastic Surgery -  Kurt J. Wagner and Helen Gould, Prentice Hall, 1972.
  2. Beauty by design: A complete look at cosmetic surgery - Kurt J. Wagner and Gerald Imber, McGraw Hill, 1977/9.
  3. A plastic surgeon answers your questions: A personal consultation in book form (A Reward book) - Kurt J. Wagner, 1977.
  4. Everything You Wanted To Know About Plastic Surgery - Kurt J. Wagner, Prentice Hall, 1978.
  5. The War Against Aging: A Quick Guide to Staying Young in the 21st Century - Kurt J. Wagner, M.D. and Jason N. Pozner, MD., 2006.
  6. Making the Cut: My Story (The Original "Doc Hollywood") - 2011 autobiography of Kurt J. Wagner M.D. (Net proceeds from the sales of this book to be donated to ASTARR (American Society of Therapeutic Aesthetic Regeneration and Rejuvenation), of which, Kurt J. Wagner is the founder - ASTARR .  (Book can be purchased from Lulu.com)

Dr. Wagner also contributed artwork to the Los Angeles County Art Museum.


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