Kurt Witten

Blue Eyed, Blonde Hair Kurt Witten began his career working locally with film production crews in his hometown. His early career was based in Los Angeles, after getting a taste of the Hollywood scene this is where he had firmly planted himself to accelerate his career.

Working on many feature films and TV shows such as: Andromeda, Baseketball, Jurassic Park and the hit tv show " Home Improvement" and Michael Madsen movies he soon new that this would be his calling. Attending a private film school in Los Angeles  helped him in his endeavours. Educated in Canada until the age of 18 after that he started his education in Los Angeles with years of intern-ships and apprenticeships.

Kurt has won many awards for music composition and his documentaries over his ten year career while being involved the motion picture industry.
Kurt  Wittin Witten.Plays soccer. Has a dog named Buster. Played baseball and paint ball for a team in Los Angeles.

His favorite subjects while he was in school were Drama and P.E Volunteers for several charities Currently planning a documentary for release in 2009.

 A Completed his university/college education at USC with a double major.

Personal Quotes
 "That is good because they understand what you're going through"
"I'm just a person who forgives and forgets. I have a hard time holding grudges." 
"I think everyone runs into a bully at one time or another. You just pretty much look at them and see how they 
act at school, and then you put it into your part.

"Life is like a coin, you can spend any way you like, but only once"

Kurt Witten, was introduced in to the motion picture industry/entertainment industry as a young man, With having lots of hands on experience with several motion pictures in his hometown of Winnipeg, he soon gained the confidence to take things to the next level. With being accepted in to an american college he soon learned what was to be expected of him. With gaining experience in his field and graduating with two doauble majors one being in Film/TV Production and the other in Business, he brought his expertise to the table of his employers.
Kurt soon found his way to success and a world of opportunities that he thought would never be available to him. Kurt Witten, worked on the backlot of Universal Studios to the closed sets of Vancouver Film Studios for Movies of the week and Feature Films.
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