Favorite Star Party - Table Mountain

July 20, 21, 22 2006   

click on the images to get larger versions

Follow this link to see the photographs I got of the night sky:




Just before the entrance gate


Then on the right, the dining facilities


Straight ahead, the far away, but shady spots


Turning Left towards the main scope area, but first the vendors


The beginning of the large loop of camping spots around the main scope field


Same spot, but showing the edge of the scope field


Looking at the scope field from N to S


Looking at the scope field from S to N


Every kind and size of scope

Big dob


Big Refractor


Tiny Scopes


3 mirrors and 2 large Soup Pots


Amazing custom mount


The high-rent district, with combination sleeping quaters and scope area


My little corner - dust?  what dust?


Lastly, a hike up to Lion Rock yields a great panorama and view of Mt. Rainer: