Favorite Questions That Do Not Have Answers

These are important questions, however, the answer to all of them are either "unknown", "don't ask, just believe what someone else tells you god said" or argrued based on  public opinion. 

Very unsatisfying.

  •  What was there before the big-bang? A previous collapse of another universe? Something completely different? It doesn’t matter, it still begs the same question-whatever there was, where did “IT” come from? How did anything come into existence?

  •  How close is “reality” (the stuff that our perceptions and senses detect) to what our brains think it is? Are we missing several other senses? How well do the 5 we have really work? Is our reality only relative to the scale we live in? At much smaller or larger scales, are the laws of physics very different?

  • What is time? Can time go backwards? Does time run on a scale relative to the sizes under consideration? (very fast for small things, and very slow for very large scale things?)

  • Are the most primitive life forms just an advanced chemical reaction? At what point does a continuous chemical reaction cross over and become life? Why does this particular chemical reaction we are familiar with and call life, want to reproduce itself? Or is it just those that don’t are not interesting, and the one out of the billion billion random combinations happened to have that property?

  • Isn’t the primary goal of life to reproduce and preserve the species? Aren’t the lives of the “cells” unimportant compared to the need to keep the “body” alive?

    a.      Likewise, aren’t the lives of individual species members unimportant compared to preserving the species? Isn’t the U. S. founded on principals that are in direct conflict with this?

    b.     Is there really good and evil-or are there just “things” that a given society at one point in time feels will improve the chances for the species to survive and other things that are viewed as less optimal for that goal? On what basis do the rights of the species prevail over the rights of the individual?

  •  Is there really free will? If you made a perfect snap-copy of all the atoms (and their motion and energy states etc.)  in our galaxy somewhere else, what factors would be missing that would cause any human to make a different choice on any issue? Even if you don’t buy the “all state is stored in physical things” theory, given a persons genes, upbringing, and environment, what else is there that makes a person choose one path over the other? Is a person responsible for their genes? Their upbringing? Their environment?

  •  If you could “put your brain in a vat” and have it controlled such that a perfect life was stimulated into your brain, including all the secondary effects such that you couldn’t tell it was artificial, and any great thing you did you would perceive that you really were responsible for  (as in, you thought you had free will), why wouldn’t you accept this option?  Beyond the “guilt” thing that society has breed into us, that we must “earn” our rewards, and a guilt that those we left behind would think less of us for entering into an artificial life, is there any reason not to take that option? What would be the reasons not to take this choice, and what would you call these reasons? Virtues? Morals? Ethics? Beyond simple physical comforts, do we do everything just to get the approval of other people?

  • Given that there are about 2.1 billion people who believe in Christianity, 1.3 billion in Islam, 900 million in Hinduism, 376 milion in Buddhism, and about 1 billion that believe in various other religions, does that "prove" their is a god and after-life, or does it just prove that humans have a strong need to believe their life is important, that we are "better than" apes, and that death is just a transition?