Favorite Nasty Words Used With No Clue
(nasty expresssions, nasty phrases, obscene words, obscene expressions, obscence words etc.)
I am often shocked to hear clean cut people who would never swear, use some pretty foul expressions, it is obvious they have no idea what it means.
If you know of others, send them to me at kurtfriedrich@gmail.com. Please put Nasty Words in the subject.

Dog and Pony show = sex act made famous in Tijuana

Sucks = fellatio

Blowing smoke = blowing smoke up his ass

In cherry condition = ref to virgin

Brownie Points = licking someone’s ass to get on their good side

Brown Noser = licking someone’s ass to get on their good side

Snafu = situation normal, all fucked up
Fubar = fucked up beyond all recognition

Screw (as in, screw you, all screwed up, I'm screwed, etc) = fuck

Money Shot = climatic male ending of a sex scene in hard core

Dork = Penis
Down to the "short strokes" = final moments before ejaculation
Jerk = shortened from Jerk-off, one who masturbates
and a dis-honerable mention for Lady Gaga who manages to do the opposite, transforming 3 clean phrases into the nasty.  In her Grammy winning song "Bad Romance" she takes the names of 3 Hitchcock movies:
- Rear Window 1954          - Vertigo 1958          - Psycho - 1960
and transforms them into:
I want your psycho
Your Vertigo Shtick (her enunciation confuses this just a bit)
Want you in my rear window
Baby you're sick