Kurt A. Desender

  Associate Professor of Management

 Department of Business Economics, Carlos III University, Madrid

  Contact Information:
+34 91 624 58 44
Office: 6.0.17

 Research Interests:

 Corporate Governance, Strategy, Financial Accounting.



 Aguilera, R. V., Desender, K., LopezPuertas-Lamy, M, Lee, JH. (2017) "The governance impact of a changing investor landscape" Journal of International Business Studies 48(2): 195–221.

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 Desender, K.,
Castro, E., Escamilla de León, S. (2011) "Earnings Management and CultureThe American Journal of Economics and Sociology 70(3): 639-670

Book Chapters:

 Aguilera RV, Desender, K. 2015. Gobierno Corporativo: Mapa Actual y Nuevas Tendencias. Capítulo 8 del Informe Situación Social de España 2015.

 Aguilera RV, Desender, K. 2012. Methodological challenges in comparative corporate governance and strategic issues. In Wang CL, Ketchen D, Bergh D. (ed.) Research Methodology in Strategy and Management, Emerald Group Publishing Limited.

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 Working Papers:
“Is managerial entrenchment always bad? a CSR approach”
 Joint with Ruth Aguilera, Jordi Surroca and Josep Tribo

 “Corporate Governance and CSR Disclosure”
 Joint with Mircea Epure 

 “When the Stakeholder model matters? Competition and Risk taking in the Banking Industry”
 Joint with Monica LopezPuertas-Lamy

 “Competition and Earnings Smoothing”
 Joint with
Monica LopezPuertas-Lamy and Juana Aledo