3.03 Paul Revere


The focus of this unit is Paul Revere and his contributions to democracy, and his efforts in expanding our rights and freedoms.


SS3H2 The student will discuss the life of Paul Revere and his efforts to expand people’s rights and freedoms in a democracy.

  1. Discuss Paul Revere and his efforts to expand our rights through independence.
  2. Explain social barriers, restrictions, and obstacles that Paul Revere had to overcome and how he was able to succeed.


SS3G2 The student will describe the cultural and geographic systems associated with Paul Revere.

  1. Identify specific locations significant to the life and times of Paul Revere on a map.
  2. Describe how place (physical and cultural) impacted the life of Paul Revere.
  3. Describe how Paul Revere adapted to and was influenced by his environment.
  4. Trace examples of travels of Paul Revere and the movement of his ideas across time.
  5. Describe how the region in which Paul Revere lived affected his life and impacted his cultural identification.

 Civics and Government

SS3CG2 The student will discuss the character of Paul Revere.

a.       Describe how Paul Revere displayed positive character traits of cooperation, diligence, courage, and leadership.

b.      Explain how Paul Revere used positive character traits to support his beliefs in liberty, justice, tolerance, and freedom of conscience and expression.

c.       Explain how Paul Revere chose when to respect and accept authority.


SS3E1 The student will describe the four types of productive resources.

  1. Describe Paul Revere’s use of natural/land productive resources.
  2. Describe Paul Revere’s use of human/labor productive resources.
  3. Describe Paul Revere’s use of capital/capital goods productive resources.
  4. Describe Paul Revere’s use of characteristics of entrepreneurship.

SS3E2 The student will explain that governments provide certain types of goods and services in a market economy and pay for these through taxes.

SS3E3 The student will give examples of interdependence and trade and will explain how voluntary exchange benefits both parties.

  1. Describe Paul Revere’s role in the interdependence of consumers and producers of goods and services.
  2. Describe how services produced by Paul Revere were allocated by price in the marketplace.