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Well, I'm a big GURPS fan, specially for it's 4th edition, but the standard character sheet didn't exatly match my needs. I found that everything was too cramped, that I didn't have space to list my character's traits in the designated sections, that some sections that I found where needed where absent, and that some sections were actually redundant and seldom used. I thus searched for alternatives, and found none that were acceptable, so in the end, I had to make my own.

I considered various designs, and in the end, here's what I ended up with:


Page 0: Disclaimer, as SJG online policy requires 

Page 1: This is basically the standard character sheet, with cultural familiarities removed (they take a lot of space, and are seldom used, they can be moved to the advantage section), and enough advantage and disadvantage space for most games. 

Page 2: This is an extra page for ads and disads, should it be needed. 

Page 3: The space for skills in the standard character sheet is insuficient IMHO, so this page is a big skill table. The Base Level should be Base, and should represent either the controling atribute (IQ, Per,..) or the default level if the skill/technique is purchased from default.

Page 4: This is your standard Grimoire sheet.

Page 5: This is the weapons and armor page. The notes section here is to put the notes on your weapons only. YOu put a number in the notes column, and put the actual note ni the space reserved for that purpose. 

Page 6: This is to fit the rest of your inventory.

Page 7: Skill Training Sheet, so you can track how many hours you've trained in each skill.

Page 8: This is for you to put your character story.


The idea is that since pages are single themed, if you need more space for a given section, you print extra copies of that page.  The sheet is thus modular. Some pages aren't going to be used by everyone, so if you don't think that you'll use a page, you just don't print it.


You'll notice that there are multiple versions. Here's a short explanaiton of what each version is about:

  • Standar version: My prefered version, also the original version of the sheet.
  • Bigger column titles: Some people suggested that the column titles where too small. I find that they're prefectly readable, once printed, but of course your kilometrage might vary (yes, I live in a metric country ;) )

The sheet right now is "dumb", i.e. it can be printed and filled by hand. I do not know how to create PDFs with editable fields, if anyone knows how, I can send you the master files (they're in Microsoft's PowerPoint format, yes, I know, lame, but I didn't have anything else that fit my needs even moderatelly well). Send me an email to if you're interested.