Kuroshima's Homepage 

¡Under construction!

Welcome to my homepage. Right now, it's in i's bare bones, but with some luck, I'll eventurally add content to it.

  • 7/11/2009Added My Campaigns section. My DF campaign, Hacking for Fun and Glory can be found therein
  •  22/12/2008: Work continues on the GURPS Rokugan Project. I've started working on magic. Check it under the "My conversions to GURPS" section.
  •  1/12/2008: I'm going back and updating this website once more. I'm resurrecting my pet project: a conversion of the L/5R setting to GURPS, check it under the "My conversions to GURPS" section
  • 3/12/2006: I'm still alive! Added a couple minor house rules. Work proceeds (slowly) on the conversion of the 01 Blueprints Backdrops products. It seems that Janazar's Tower will be easier to convert to GURPS than the Curiosity Shop, so it might be finished before. No promises than they will ever get finished though. 
  • 07/11/2006 : Well, I've added the excellent "Dice-Rolling Mechanisms in RPGs" essay by Torben AEgidius Mogensen to the Contributions section. I'm working on another 01 Blueprints Backdrops conversion, the Curiosity Shop, but it's giving me headaches, as it's much less generic than the Golden Eel Inn
  • 01/10/2006: I add an extra house rule: a new kind of luck, the "Extra Dice" luck, where you get to roll extra dice along witrh your normal dice, and can use them to replace the ones you've already rolled. Check it on the house rules section, on the left.
  • 29/09/2006: I've decided to add an update log in here. Today I finaly finished adding the conversion for 01 Games01 Blueprints Backdrops: The Golden Eel Inn. Check it under My GURPS Conversions, on the left.