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Last updated 17/06/06 



Malian Music.

Erhu (China).





Spanish Guitar.  


My latest infatuations:

  • Camille (France) album: Le Fil   This is such an interesting Album, lovely voice and usually solo, lots of use of other voices and an interesting idea of a sound, actually something like a single tone going right through the whole CD, and all tracks start with it and seem to have it right through. Kind of like Indian classical music has this drone through many of their pieces. Quite interesting. Lovely website too... here. 
  • Souad Massi (Algeria) Deep thoughtful, serious longing, alluding to Portuguese Fado actually, again, this might be a indication of Fado's origins or at least common family, as Portugal was once pretty much integrated culturally and economically etc... with north Africa and not Europe as is today. Great acoustic guitar... my style all the way. Nice page on her here.

  • Björn Rosenström (Sweden) Fun pop-like lite rock fun music with a sexy guy's voice... my opinion of course.


Still Love:

  • Harris  Alexiou (Greece)

  • Värttinä  (Finland) 



My Favorite Radio Show in the Whole Wide World: Late Junction on Radio 3, BBC.  listen here.