A place for you to see what I have seen recently. Online and off. 


-- Have you prepared tea differently recently? -No? well then how about this lovely chinese brewing metod to share with your friends. here. 01.12.2006.


-- Flash Earth, a great website which replicates Google Earth but on a different encarnation, wihtout the need of an installed program on your computer. Lovely. here

--Memory Alpha - Wiki all about StarTrek. So much fun, very well organized.

Thinking Fish.

 Recent Things:

-- ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC, no more need for a psichologist, you want to find someone feeling JUST like you, some empathy finely attuned to your mood or share that fantastic or terrible feeling with someone, answer is here, in this great site called Waw, what a lovely organic random accessable and friendly way to see and potentially understand people and yourself!!! have fun. 03.12.2006

-- "Know the freedom beyond experience!", A fantastic way to put it, a very interesting rendering of some of my more spiritual persuits. I did find this in a slightly crazy mish mash Sci-fi discusion, here. 01.12.2006

-- Lovely artist, I thought, really different work, check it out here. 6.6.2006  

-- Now this is the kind of thing I love about today. an interesting article on a movement of a phrase within this post modern culture. or just something daft.

-- Today on reading this interesting article about games and immagination I realized that games are an important bulding block in my personality, a way I explored the world and tried ideas and concepts. So I have to won up to my past and admit I'm a great fan of Sim City. the good old Sim City 2000 I spent so many hours on was like a hi-tech vertion of what I used to do with Lego. I always built cities and had little houses and all. Nice to think that some kids today have much better games to play, and I hope they have similar feeling towards them int he future.  21.03.2006

 -- Great quotes from Douglas Adams here. Feeles like he's said all there is to say about life, just reading the short quotes. Crazily good.  

-- Fantastic buildings being built in Dubai here. I found this site through, it has the some of the most fantastic new grand scale architecture I've seen recently, what a place to go take some pictures at, true a lot of it is still on paper, but they are preparing the ground! great to look at. 

-- Most inspiring Image I have seen in a long time. Enceladus, Saturn's mood on which water has been seen by Nasa. SO beutiful, so delicate and dream-like. here


-- A lovely section in a favorite magazene of mine entitled Very Short Stories. here. 01.12.2006

-- Funny article on wikipedia just some quirky observations of the reference tool we all love here

-- Interesting article on the role of online gaming in the formation of socal skills in young people. Such interesting implications on understanding society as a whole for the young people themselves. Especially witht the ability to play with characters of a different gender. Really fascinating to think about. here

-- New species! mutated from a human!!! very interesting article about biology here.