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drops in a lake, tears in a pond, smiles in a puddle. 

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Zen Garden 禅味 

See some zen gardens I made...  there.


Personal Networks 友達(staying in touch)

  • Mixi username:      dagu_chan
  • Orkut username:      kurogawa
  • Skype :                      kurogawa1 
  • Google talk :              kurogawa 


 Favorite Websites   好きなウェッブサイト


My Contributions to Wikipedia.

  • Kurogawa:My page in Wikipedia in English here. 
  •  Kurogawa:My page in Wikipedia in Portuguese here. (to see my contributions: here)
  • (Same name in Sapanish though not many contributions so far here)

 A place to relax and to see (my) online stuff.

 Hi there, hope you like the website, its starting to look more interesting, got some interesting links and some thoughts on them. Hoping to add a blogg after I finish Uni. Till then I hope you can find out a bit about me and yourself through this site and its links. Now... people and photographers I love at the bottom of this page. 17/06/06    


 The Radio Emissions of Saturn!!!

 This fantastic recording of the radio waves generated by Saturn, yes the planet, are truly beautiful. I was and am fascinated by the recording, and wish I could listen to it for hours on end, alas, it is only a few dozen seconds of inter planetary dreaminess. here

 Palesa's Page.

This is a cousin's web page, she does pencil drawings mostly, really nice, thought some of you might like to see it. here. 03/07/07

 Contemporary dance.

I recently came accross this article with a lovely video of contemporary dance. It links up with my recent growing interest in contemporary dance as an extremely expressive medium, which captures a lot about humanity and our worries. The video contained in the article show a really fantastic piece of dancing to me. Something like a cybernetic being, first being born/programmed into existence... deeply visceral, though quite tame and not at all shocking, as the word might first suggest.


 音楽 Music                


Sometimes its just a line...

The laptop, as Goldilocks would have pointed out if she'd been searching online recipes instead of stealing porridge, is "just right".

(By Bill Thompson, BBC News 04.12.2006) It's old, but its true and so funny and just my cup of tea, I had to share it. (05.05.2007)


On a peaceful note. 安心 

My favorite meditation technique simply explained. here

Temple floor of a temple in Kyoto, overlooking a zen garden. The wood was inspirational.


Some Friend's/Favorite Websites...

  •  Lucien de Piero (Cataluña) fotolog here.
  • Ahmed Zahid (maldives) photos here.
  • Rebekka (Iceland) photos here.