Operation: Green Storm

This is our paintball field (more pictures comming soon as we are building it).


<PROJECT CANCLED> I moved, People lost Intresed and i was tired of trying to get people motavited.



Base Area1 (Not Cut Yet)


Base Area 2 (Not Cut Yet)


Fig #1 Possible Layout Idea's,  Fig #2Main Base Idea, Fig #3 Bunker Idea's  Fig#3 Every One Loves Hedgehogs :P



Base 1 field is cut, one days worth of work, now its time to start building main base and bunkers. Angle 2 with our truck (1985 GMC 2500) lol, note: the wood pallet's arent going to look like that,  they are just there at the moment.


This is the middle feild, we left it alone (might be fun to hide in this tall grass) 

Starting to cut base area 2