Kurdistan Iraq Now

Kurdistan is unbelievably beautiful; it's the Iraq that the media has failed to show us. I was invited to lecture at the University of Salahaddin so my time was mostly spent in meetings and lectures. However, the mountain photos represent one beautiful day in Kurdistan, a natural vacation region for all of Iraq.
I found Kurdistan to be safe and prosperous; the people warm and friendly; and --intriguingly-- it is very Eastern with little to zero Western influence.
My camera failed me but my trusty iPhone captured my hectic pace. These pictures were taken in 2009/2010. I hope you too enjoy Kurdistan!
Dr. Katherine Garlough
THe CITY on the Plains
My home in Erbil is in a beautiful apartment complex by the Erbil International Airport. 
July 2010
Traditional Dress for Kurdish women is gorgeous; here is a wedding party at the International Hotel. 
August 2009
Erbil is only 20 minutes to the foothills of the Zagros Mountains, 
August 2009