Math A Syllabus

Integrated Math A 2018-2019

Mr. Kuo

Phone: (858) 509-1000x4710

Room: 210

Office Hours: lunch by appointment

Tutoring: To be announced

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Math A is a rigorous course that will cover all of the 7th grade Common Core Math Standards with a multiple module span. Students are expected to take notes and complete homework daily

Course Overview:

Module 1: Probability, Percent, Rational Number Equivalence
Module 2: Operations with Rational Numbers and Integers
Module 3: Expressions
Module 4: Equations, Inequalities, and Applications
Module 5: Proportional Reasoning
Module 6: Geometric Figures and Scale Drawings
Module 7: Measurement in Two and Three Dimensions
Module 8: Probability and Statistics

Student Expectation: Students entering Integrated Math A Honors are expected to do the following things:


  • Be prepared. Come to class ready to learn.
  • Be on time. Those that are not in their seats when the bell rings will be tardy.
  • Stay organized. Previous quizzes and homework should be kept in a structured and neat binder.
  • Bring course materials(Modules) to class everyday unless instructed otherwise.
  • Plan ahead. This class mandates a certain amount of time each night for homework. Plan accordingly.
  • Work! Improving your Math skills requires ample understanding and practice.
  • Evaluate your work:  check for accuracy, ask questions, and make corrections where appropriate.
  • Turn off all personal electronic devices before the start of class

Daily Requirements: Students should always bring the following to class:
  1. Their completed homework
  2. A composition book for vocabulary words and key terms. Even though we are using a laptop everyday, it is very important that we still have a composition book to write themes and notes on paper!
  3. A separate homework binder/tab that has the physical homework in sequential order.
  4. Their agenda
  5. A binder, straightedge, college ruled paper, graph paper, pen, and a pencil.
  6. A calculator
  7. A stylus for note writing on the Chrome books (highly recommended stylus on Amazon)

Grading Scale: Grades will be determined each semester by the total points earned in each category.

Tests/Quizzes  70%

Daily Homework/Homework Checks 30%


    98% and above     =     A+                  78-79     =     C+

    93-97                    =      A                    73-77     =     C

    90-92                    =      A-                   70-72     =     C-

    88-89                    =      B+                  68-69     =     D+

    83-87                    =      B                    63-67     =     D

    80-82                    =     B-                    60-62     =     D-                 Below 60%     =     F

 Every module will have a quiz, test, and at least two homework checks

Class Policy (Classroom Learning):
Class will consist of lecture, group collaboration, and guided discussion. Since we will be having access to a Chromebook cart daily, the lecture notes will all be digital. Be prepared to organize your notes and homework digitally through Google drive. I will show this in detail during the first weeks of school. Weekly agendas and homework will be posted and updated all online.To be successful in this class, it is very important to stay organized. Since we will be using touchscreen chrome-books this year, it is important that students are familiar with organizing their classwork and homework files into separate folders using their Google drive. Even though the assignments can be accounted for digitally, please make sure to bring the current homework to class everyday, so we can discuss challenging questions in class. A homework binder or notebook is useful for organizing your physical assignments. 

Homework Policy:

Homework will be assigned daily, completed, and submitted electronically through our Google Classroom website.  Homework should be completed on a separate sheet of paper, with answers properly labeled and work completely shown. The completed assignment must be scanned using a mobile device and converted to a  pdf , which then will be turned into Google Classroom.  The completed homework pdf must be turned in digitally through Google Classroom. It is the student's responsibility to submit their homework in a timely fashion. Note: Completed homework should ALWAYS be present in class.Students must also bring in the physical copy of the completed homework assignment, as we will have in time in class to discuss difficult questions from the previous night's assignment.

Section Checks: - Section checks will be submitted online as a Google Form.  There will be one to two section checks per module.  Section checks are worth fifty points each in the homework category.  The questions will require you to synthesize and summarize what you learned from in-class and Homework assignments in the current module.  Section checks have an open-book policy. You may use your classwork notes, homework, and notes written in class. You will be given about a week’s window to submit these online and any that are submitted after the due date will earn a zero.  Do not forget to do any Section Checks!

This class practices a strict no-late work policy!


There will usually be one test and one quiz given each Module.  Student's failing to report  for the final exam period will receive an "Incomplete" grade and will need to make-up the final exam at a later date.



Students may not turn in someone else’s work as their own or supply work to other students to use.  Copying homework, web sites, class work, quiz answers, and test answers from other students, with or without their permission, is not allowed and will be treated as academic dishonesty.  Students who engage in cheating/plagiarism will earn a zero on their assignment/quiz/test and will be given a referral. Violation of the Academic Honesty Policy can result in an “F” for the course.  The Pacific Trails Academic Honesty Policy will be strictly enforced.  Please see the PTMS website if you do not have or are not aware of the Pacific Trails Academic Honesty Policy.  


During 1st semester, students may transfer math classes up to and until September 28, 2018 (if space is available!) Students must contact their counselor prior to this date. If a student does choose to change classes before this date, their current grade will not transfer with them.

If you should have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me anytime.

I look forward to having a fantastic year with you all!

Kendrick Kuo
Pacific Trails Middle School