Math 1 Honors Syllabus

Integrated Math 1 Honors 2018-2019

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Welcome to Integrated Math 1 Honors! This is a high school course, and will be treated as such.  In alignment with California Common Core Standards, we will learn about systems of linear equations and inequalities, solving systems with matrices, arithmetic and geometric sequences and how to generate both recursive and explicit rules to model them, connections to linear and exponential functions and their features, rigid geometric transformations, congruence, coordinate geometry, vectors, statistics though developing models of bi-variate data with lines of best fit, making connections to quadratic functions with different forms.

In this course students will be expected to:

1.      Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them.

2.      Reason abstractly and quantitatively.

3.      Construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others.

4.      Model with mathematics.

5.      Use appropriate tools strategically.

6.      Attend to precision.

7.      Look for and make use of structure.

8.      Look for and express regularity in repeated reasoning.

Teaching & Learning Cycle: Students will master new content by the learning cycle: developing, solidifying, and practicing. Every

 class students will complete a mathematical task that will develop, solidify, or practice new content in order to further student 

understanding of the content. Within each task, students will experience a teaching cycle: launch, explore, and discuss. The teacher 

will launch or introduce the task by clarifying prior knowledge and engage student critical thinking. Students will then explore the task

 in teams using a variety of skills, resources, and methods. Then students will discuss the task as a class by starting with selected student 

presentations of their strategy used for solving the task. All students will present to the class multiple times throughout the course. 

During the presentations and discussion the teacher will guide students to make mathematical connections to the variety of 

methods/strategies used to solve the task. This learning cycle allows students to experience multiple methods of solving a mathematical 

task and make several connections to other concepts and standards.

Class Expectations:

●    Be punctual and prepared.

●    Be respectful to all within the classroom community.

●    Be mindful and on task.

●    Appropriate use of all classroom materials and approved electronic devices.

●    Ask questions and seek help as needed. Help to answer the questions of others.

●    Complete homework always and in pencil.

●    Evaluate your work: check for accuracy, ask questions, and make corrections.

●    If absent, make up work and exams missed in a timely manner as detailed below.

   ● The San Dieguito Union High School District Academic Honesty Policy will be strictly enforced. Any form of cheating will result in a zero on the assignment or assessment as well as the appropriate disciplinary action.

Daily Supplies: Students should always bring the following to class:
  1. Their completed homework
  2. A composition book for vocabulary words and key terms. Even though we are using a laptop everyday, it is very important that we still have a composition book to write themes and notes on paper!
  3. A separate homework binder/tab that has the physical homework in sequential order.
  4. Their agenda
  5. A binder, straightedge, college ruled paper, graph paper, pen, and a pencil.
  6. A calculator
  7. A stylus for note writing on the Chrome books (highly recommended stylus on Amazon)

Class Policy (Digital Math Pilot):
Class will consist of lecture, group collaboration, and guided discussion. Since we will be having access to a Chromebook cart daily, the lecture notes will all be digital. Be prepared to organize your notes and homework digitally through Google drive. I will show this in detail during the first weeks of school. Weekly agendas and homework will be posted and updated on online.To be successful in this class, it is very important to stay organized. Since we will be using touchscreen chrome-books this year, it is important that students are familiar with organizing their classwork and homework files into separate folders using their Google drive. Even though the assignments can be accounted for digitally, please make sure to bring the current homework to class everyday, so we can discuss challenging questions in class. A homework binder or notebook is useful for organizing your physical assignments. 

Grading: Grades in this course are based on tests, quizzes, homework, class work (Tasks), exit slips, and midterm/final exams. Grades are accessible through Aeries. Progress Reports and Report Cards will be delivered electronically via the parent portal. Please contact the counseling office if you need help setting up an Aeries account.

Overall grades will be weighted as follows:

Tests/Quiz Category weighted 80%                              Homework Category weighted 20%

Module Test (100 pts)                                                      Daily assigned Homework (5 pts)

Quiz (40 pts)                                                                    Classwork Tasks (varies)

Semester 1 Final (200 pts)                                               Exit Slips (points vary based on length, 10-20 pts)

Cumulative Final (200 pts)                                              Exit slips will be administered without warning.


97 – 100


87 – 89.49


77 – 79.49


67– 69.49


0 – 59.49


93 – 96.99


83 – 86.99


73– 76.99


63 – 66.99


89.5 – 92.99


79.5 – 82.99


69.5 – 72.99


59.5 – 62.99

Students who are absent on the review day before an assessment or on the day of an assessment are expected to make up the assessment the day they return and may not be given an extra day to study. Students who are absent for more than one day leading up to an assessment will be given a one-day grace period for making up assessments for each excused absence. Students with unexcused absences will not be allowed to make up missed assignments, quizzes, and/or tests. Students who need to make-up a test or quiz may be given a test that is different than the original.

Graded tests and quizzes may not go home. This class mirrors the rules and guidelines of our high school level courses. Assessments will be reviewed in class after all students have taken the exam. Students and/or parents may come in and review past exams by making an appointment with Mr. Kuo.

Homework (Google Classroom):

        Homework is assigned and available online daily at.

        Expectations: Show all work legibly, attempt all problems, use pencil, use straightedge when graphing, upload before due date and time, click “Mark As Done”. If you are struggling with a problem, post a question in the Google Classroom forum.

        Completed homework will be scanned using Evernote Scannable app and be shared into Google Classroom as a single pdf before the scheduled due date and time. This is how homework will be turned in and how points are earned!

        All homework assignments have three components called Ready, Set, Go! The Ready section is to help the student prepare for

 the upcoming work and learn new material. The Set section is for practicing the skills that are being developed in the current 

lessons. The Go! section is to help students remember the skills and procedures that they have learned previously.  For extra support with homework please visit the Student Website for Math Curriculum.

        All homework assignments are to be completed in pencil with corrections completed in pen. Homework is graded on completion 

and thorough work. Each assignment is worth a total of 5 points. If homework is incomplete, the grade will be zero. Late homework is 

only acepted under one  circumstance: If you have an excused absence, you will have one day per excused absence 

to turn in complete and corrected work for full credit. An unexcused absence results in a zero on that assignment.

Academic Honesty Contract


Examples of academic dishonesty include, but are not limited to:

1.      Cheating during a quiz or an exam

2.      Turning in work that is identical, or substantially similar to, the work of another student

3.      Turning in someone's work as your own

4.      Supplying your work to another student for him/her to use

Any alleged violation of this policy will be investigated thoroughly and appropriate disciplinary measures will be taken consistent with SDUHSD Board policy. Depending on the severity of the offense one or more of the following consequences may occur:

1. Referral to the assistant principal and the parent/guardian will be contacted.

2. Loss of all credit for the assignment or test with no makeup permitted.

3. Placement on probation with a contract (in the class of the infraction) for the remainder of that class.

4. Receipt of a "U" in citizenship for the current grading period.

5. Violation on a school administered national or state examination will result in a district code of conduct

Careful planning and time management will serve as good tools to prevent instances of academic misconduct. Please do not engage in any action that will cause your integrity to be questioned.After reviewing the syllabus please remember to fill out this Google Form. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me via e-mail. Thank you for taking the time to review this syllabus.

Kendrick Kuo

Pacific Trails Middle School

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