2018 Retreat at Joshua Tree

Immortal Truth: A Shamanic Journey of Cosmic Awakening in Service to the Great Work

with don Oscar Miro-Quesada

Joshua Tree, CA * Dec 6-9, 2018

Dear Shining Ones! Welcome to our website for the upcoming Kuntisuyu gathering with don Oscar and doña Cindy Miro-Quesada.

Please read below for a description of the retreat by don Oscar, including required preparations for the retreat and things to bring. We expect registration to fill quickly, so please plan accordingly.

“This is the truth: the sparks, though of one nature with the fire, leap from it; uncounted beings leap from the everlasting, but these, my son, merge into it once again.”

- The Upanishads

The Magnum opus or Great Work in Hermetic and Alchemical tradition involves a life transforming path of initiation into the sacred mysteries for the gnostic attainment of one’s Immortal Truth—in other words, a sojourn of Self-liberating deliverance from human material encapsulation requiring deep study of perennial wisdom practices which mimic the unfolding of cosmos within Creation.

It is no small task for aspirants and adepts of this spiritual science and ceremonial art to fully befriend the intensely soul-animated inner landscape associated with such journey of transformation, transfiguration and transpersonal becoming—it requires all initiates of the Great Work to courageously embrace a shamanic death and transcendental rebirth with deep humility, heartfelt gratitude, and willing surrender to the annihilation of our human ego-mind and all material identification with outer phenomena.

Whether initiated as a shamanic specialist in earth-honoring ritual art and healing practice, or having undergone genuine theosis through a rite of passage on way to becoming hierophant or magus as decreed by Western Mystery Traditions, the requirement is the same...to consciously affirm: I Am Immortal in Being; Beyond Form; Fearlessly Free to Be; All Worlds, Times and Places…That Summon Me.

We therefore ask all good sisters and brothers seriously committed to their soul-centered initiation as Pachakuti Mesa Tradition-inspired shamanic adepts of the Great Work to speak out loud three times the above affirmation of one’s Immortal Truth before continuing to read the text to follow.

Source, Pleroma, the ‘One Thing,’ Great Spirit, Tao, God, Originating Mystery, Multiverse, All That Is, Ultimate Ground of Being, are but a handful of terms engendered from the ever elusive human struggle to define the ineffable wellspring of our cosmic existence, in other words, to name the inherently Nameless. This craving to know and give expression to the inexpressible originating omniscience of our essential Being has sparked extraordinary cultural, scientific and artistic human creativity and at the same time paradoxically hindered our transpersonal maturation as a multidimensional species on Earth.

Whether in the form of orally transmitted creation story, mythic song, danced legend, written philosophical discourse or spiritual epic, the human striving for transcendent liberation from illusory ego encapsulated material reality is best illumined as a visionary shamanic sojourn of initiation into cosmic consciousness, a necessarily enthusiastic plunge into new worlds beyond that of our limited sensorial apperception.

As human passersby on this good Earth, our Self-realized spiritual transcendence is deeply rooted in the ways of soul—the non-material medium through which cosmic evolution finds manifestation as a creative spark within beings seen and unseen. Guided by an all-unifying Source at the helm of life’s creative evolution and diverse sentience, all beings are called to a cosmic dance of Self-discovery and re-Membering—a veritable re-encounter with the eternal originating infinity of their essential nature as Divine Light. Embodying our Self-realized Immortal Truth serves an existential antidote to the currently dissonant din of our postmodern ‘reality,’ allowing us to restore our shared humanity as a planetary species born of spiritual consciousness.

Humankind is a rich storehouse of boundless creativity, perennial wisdom and ritual artistry known and practiced by heartfelt adepts of the shamanic arts—the embodiment of a nature inspired corpus of Original Instructions—that when honorably followed guarantees the physical and spiritual flourishing of life on Earth. There is no lack of life-affirming beauty and evolutionary guidance within the co-creative synergy available through a unified, peaceful, cooperative and compassionate human species.

Our ability to tap into the Gaian noosphere as a self-reflexive planetary species is a unique opportunity to become embodiments of the Akashic Field that pulses throughout the cosmos, allowing humans privileged access to the sacrosanct Hall of Records known to ancestral initiates of the Great Work. The key is learning to make our lives a sustainable expression of Freedom Unity and Bliss . . . as loved and loving Creativity Creating Creations . . . pristine reflections of our multiverse’s Holarchy!

Every gathering of Pachakuti Mesa Tradition practitioners helps amplify a universal shamanic consciousness on a global scale. Each time we align in sacred purpose as a force for doing good in the world, Mother Earth reciprocates in kind. Our conscious orchestration of Nature-inspired ceremonial space allows the revelation of divinity in all our affairs. By gratefully recognizing the privilege of our shared incarnation, we embody the essence of the Great Work . . . we allow Self, Soul and Spirit to gracefully converge into a lived experience of Immortal Truth.

As emphasized in the opening paragraph, it is paramount we understand this life-transforming adventure often demands the ‘death’ of our former self and complete surrender to the unknown. Like any courageous navigator of uncharted territories who yearns to discover heretofore only dreamt of worlds, having a trustworthy compass with which to favorably orient our destined trajectory is crucial for finding meaningful direction within the process of the search itself. For even in tumultuously blinding conditions where no horizon is visible, knowing how to align oneself with the ‘magnetic’ field created at the heart of one’s imagined destination is vital to not losing one’s way.

Like the various arts of divination and augury, or the reading of signs and portents limned in sky and earth, our traditional shamanic peoples had their spirit compass, a revealer of the divine power and sacred guidance present in unseen realms. Hence a principal focus of this advanced apprenticeship in Pachakuti Mesa Tradition ritual arts will involve the creation and use of a Spirit Compass—a soul orienting arte born from our shared experiential gnosis of Immortal Truth.

May these words serve as your initiatory foundation for receiving the medicine beauty of our granted re-Membering—So Mote It Be!

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