Polishing the Mirror: 
Reflecting Our Shamanic Divinity on Earth 
don Oscar Miro-Quesada

Joshua Tree, California ~ Jan 13-16, 2017

We are excited to announce the upcoming Kuntisuyu retreat of beloved and internationally renowned kamasqa curandero from Peru, don Oscar Miro-Quesada. He and his wife Cindy are as delighted as we are that this retreat will take place at the famous Joshua Tree Retreat Center, located on a powerful vortex in southeast California. We have waited 2 years for the opportunity to hold a 4-day gathering at this location, which has been shared by such other luminaries as Ram Dass, Byron Katie and Malidoma Some.

This will be an apprenticeship in shamanic ritual arts for the refinement of our human earthly reflection as Pachamama’s children, conscious of our cosmic origins, aligned in divine evolutionary destiny. Inspired from over 30 years of don Oscar’s study of the Original Instructions found patterned in Andean temple sites and ceremonial practices of his native Peru, this expansive visionary transmission of pre-Columbian shamanic wisdom is intended to vastly illumine our human planetary future.

Drawing parallels between contemporary astrophysics and millenary heliocentric spiritual technologies, don Oscar will offer a creative new corpus of Pachakuti Mesa Tradition teachings and ceremonial practices designed to initiate people from all walks of life into a soul-awakened experience of Being. Gathered within the gestated sanctity of a Pachakuti Mesa Tradition collective field of consciousness, we shall learn to access pathways of spirit for evolving beyond our sensory dependent 3-dimensional space-time reality.

Accepting our essential divinity makes it possible to dream our future through the power of manifestation invoked within the eternal Present. To live this truth is the path of the true initiate, the adept of the Great Work, the woman or man who has learned to daily live a noble death, he or she who embraces their immortality as the lived experience of I AM. In essence, awakened to a life greater than that dictated by our individual will, the inherent starlight of our origins can be reclaimed.

This one of a kind shamanic apprenticeship will focus on amplifying our energy base as a human species from planetary to stellar, from stellar to galactic, from galactic to the ineffably Immanent; in similar fashion to the energetic embodiment of Inti as inner (Uhku), in-between (Kay) and superior (Hanaq) Suns. Known to ancestral Chavin and Tiwanaku wisdom keepers of the Andes, such understanding, when integrated within an exquisitely patterned ceremonial space, is generative of a visionary leap into our planetary future as pristine vessels of the Light from which we originated. May all good sisters and brothers who find soul resonance with what has been expressed, trustingly, gracefully, effortlessly, join us in taking this next evolutionary leap in Pachakuti Mesa Tradition shamanic living with reverence for our beloved Gaia-Pachamama.

“Float freely with the sun and the moon and the stars and embrace the universe.” 
-- Lao Tzu