Park, Kun Soo (박건수)

Associate Professor,

Department of Industrial Engineering,

Seoul National University

1 Gwanak-ro, Granak-gu, Seoul, Korea 08826

+82-2-880-7179,  kunsoo [at]  

Research Interests

Operations Management (OM)
  • Operations analytics and strategy
  • Supply chain management and inventory control
  • Sourcing and procurement strategy 
  • Retail operations and revenue management
  • Logistics optimization
Applications of Management Science
  • Stochastic modeling and simulation for finance, marketing, and OM
  • Data modeling and analysis for asset pricing, project planning, capital budgeting, etc.


Columbia University, M.S./Ph.D. in Operations Research
   -   Dissertation Title: “Applications of stochastic modeling to quantitative finance and operations management
   -   Advisors: Emanuel DermanWoonghee Tim Huh, and Ward Whitt

Seoul National University, B.S./M.S. in Industrial Engineering


Associate Professor, Department of Industrial Engineering, Seoul National UniversitySeoul, Korea (2018-present)

Assistant/Associate Professor, KAIST College of Business, Seoul, Korea (2010-2018)

Quantitative ResearcherBloomberg L.P., New York, 2009-2010.

  • Developed a quantitative model for the default probability and credit rating of a firm, based on the stock-price data and financial statement data (CRAT function).

Summer Associate, Enterprise Valuation Group, Lehman Brothers, New York, 2008

Teaching Assistant, Columbia University, New York, 2005-2008

Instructor Officer, Department of Management Science, Korea Naval Academy, Korea, 2001-2004

Product analystSomansa Co. Inc., Korea, 2000-2001

Research Papers

l   Sequential Capacity Allocation under Order Manipulation.
by Kun Soo Park, Bosung Kim, and Seyed Iravani. Under review.

l   Promoting Supplier’s Environmental Innovation via Emission Taxation. 
by Bosung Kim, Sang Won Kim, and Kun Soo Park. Under review.
Supported by National Research Foundation of Korea.

l   Product Design Outsourcing under Design and Conformance Quality Trade-off. 
by Seung Ho Yoo and Kun Soo Park. Under revision.

l   Impact of the Arm’s Length Principle on a Supply Chain and Consumers When a Rival is also a Customer.
by Kun Soo Park, Se Youn Jung, and Tim Huh. Under revision. 

l   The Potty Parity Problem: Towards Gender Equality at Restrooms in Business Facilities. 
by Tim Huh, Jaewon Lee, Heesang Park, and Kun Soo Park. Forthcoming to Socio-Economic Planning Sciences

l   The Psychology of Queueing for Self-Service: Reciprocity and Social Pressure. 
by Hanyoung Kim, Yun Shin Lee, and Kun Soo Park. Administrative Sciences. Vol 8(4), 75.

l   Offshoring and Outsourcing in a Global Supply Chain: Impact of the Arm’s Length Restriction on Transfer Pricing. 
by Bosung Kim, Kun Soo Park, Se Youn Jung and Sang Hun Park. European Journal of Operational Research, 2018. Vol 266 (1), p 88-98.

l   Joint Decisions on Product Line Selection, Purchasing, and Pricing.
by Ilkyeong Moon, Kun Soo Park, Jing Hao, Dongwook Kim. European Journal of Operational Research. 2017.Vol 262 (1), pp 207-216.

l   A Vertically Integrated Producer When a Rival is Also a Customer: Impact of Demand Uncertainty.
by Se Youn Jung and Kun Soo Park, Applied Economics Letters. 2017. Vol 24, p 148-153.

l   Multinational Firm’s Production Decisions under Overlapping Free Trade Agreements: Rule of Origin Requirements and Environmental Regulation. 
by Sung Hee Lee, Kun Soo Park, and Yong Won Seo, Sustainability. 2016. Vol 9, No. 1, p 42.

l   Inventory and Transshipment Decisions in the Rationing Game under Capacity Uncertainty.
by Choongseung Lee and Kun Soo Park, OMEGA. 2016. Vol 65, p 82-97. 
Supported by National Research Foundation of Korea.

l   Organizational Structure of a Global Supply Chain in the Presence of a Gray Market: Information Asymmetry and Valuation Difference. 
by Bosung Kim and Kun Soo Park, International Journal of Production Economics. 2016. Vol 175, p 71-80.

l   Impact of Operational-Level Planning Reliability on Management-Level Project Performance.
by Sang-Chul Kim, Yong-Woo Kim, Kun Soo Park, and Choong-Yuel YooJournal of Management in Engineering2015, Vol 31 (5), 05014021.

l   Transferring and Sharing Exchange-Rate Risk in a Risk-Averse Supply Chain of a Multinational Firm.
by Kyoung-Kuk Kim and Kun Soo Park. European Journal of Operational Research2014, Vol 237 (2), p 634-648.
Supported by National Research Foundation of Korea.

l   Continuous-time Markov Chain Models to Estimate the Premium for Extended Hedge Fund Lockups.
by Kun Soo Park and Ward Whitt, Annals of Operations Research. 2013, Vol 211 (1), p 357-379.

l   Impact of Transfer Pricing Methods for Tax Purposes on Supply Chain Performance under Demand Uncertainty.
by Tim Huh and Kun Soo Park, Naval Research Logistics. 2013, Vol 60 (4), p 269-293.
Supported by National Research Foundation of Korea.

l   A Stochastic-Difference-Equation Model for Hedge-Fund Relative Returns. 
by Emanuel Derman, Kun Soo Park, and Ward Whitt. Quantitative Finance., 2010 Vol 10(7) pp 701-733.

l   A Sequential Auction-Bargaining Procurement Model. 
by Tim Huh and Kun Soo ParkNaval Research Logistics.2010, Vol 57 (1), p 13-32.

l   Markov Chain Models to Estimate the Premium for Extended Hedge Fund Lockups
by Emanuel Derman, Kun Soo Park, and Ward Whitt. Wilmott Journal,  2009, Vol 1(5-6), p 263-293.
Won 2nd Place Award for the Best Student Research Paper at INFORMS Financial Services Section, 2008


l   DB품질개선사업의 대가 산정 모형연구
서용원이덕희정승호박건수. 한국IT서비스학회지 2015. 14 2. pp51-68

l   물류비용을 고려한 공급사슬 유연성 구조에 관한 연구
남진모박건수. 한국경영과학회지 2014. 39 2. pp21-35


Teaching Experiences 

  • Production planning and control (SNU, graduate)
  • Production control (SNU, undergraduate)
  • Logistics Management (SNU, undergraduate)
  • Business Analytics (KAIST, MBA)
  • Supply Chain Management (KAIST, MBA)
  • Operations Management (KAIST, MBA & MS/Ph.D)
  • Quantitative Analysis for Management (KAIST, MBA)
  • Mathematical Programming (KAIST, MS/Ph.D)


Conference Presentations

  • INFORMS annual conference, Pittsburgh, 2007
  • MSOM annual conference, Maryland, 2008
  • INFORMS annual conference, Washington D.C., 2008
  • MSOM annual conference, Boston, 2009
  • INFORMS annual conference, Charlotte, 2011
  • INFORMS annual conference, Phoenix, 2012
  • MSOM annual conference, INSEAD, 2013
  • INFORMS annual conference, Minneapolis, 2013
  • POMS-HK conference, Hong Kong, 2014
  • INFORMS annual conference, San Francisco, 2014
  • MSOM annual conference, Toronto, 2015
  • INFORMS annual conference, Philadelphia, 2015
  • MSOM annual conference, New Zealand, 2016
  • INFORMS annual conference, Nashville, 2016
  • POMS-HK conference, Hong Kong, 2017
  • MSOM annual conference, Chapel Hill, 2017
  • Symposium on Innovation and Sustainability, Hong Kong, 2017
  • INFORMS annual conference, Houston, 2017
  • POMS-HK conference, Hong Kong, 2018


Academic Services

  • Reviewer for Management ScienceProduction and Operations Management, and European Journal of Operational Research
  • Editorial Board of Journal of the Korean Operations Research and Management Science Society (2012-present) and Korea Business Review (2017-2018)
  • Director of the Korean Operations Research and Management Science Society (2012-present) and Korean Production and Operations Management Society (2017-2018)


  • 김보성 Bosung Kim (PhD)  Assistant Professor, Pusan National University
  • 정세윤 Se Youn Jung (PhD) Assistant Professor, Korea National Open University 
  • 이충승 Chungseung Lee (MS) Doctoral student, University of Texas at Dallas, USA
  • 남진모 Jin Mo Nam (MS) Samsung Electro-Mechanics
  • 박희상 Hee Sang Park (MS) Yonsei University, College of Dentistry
  • 박상헌 Sang Hun Park (MS) FnGuide
  • 정수현 Soo Hyun Jung (PMBA) Korea Housing Finance Corporation (HF)
  • 최민성 Min-Sung Choi (PMBA) Daelim Industrial Corporation
  • 김다은 Da-eun Kim (MS) Jeju Air
  • 장영재 Youngjae Jang (PhD student)
  • 박영수 Youngsoo Park (MS) Doctoral student, KAIST
  • 이가은 Ga Eun Lee (MS student)
  • 이희재 Heejae Lee (MS/PhD student)

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