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Free Lecture: Donations are always appreciated.
                    Kunlun System (R) / Kunlun Nei Gung
                        The Quintessence of Internal Alchemy

         MARCH 25, 2010 - 7:00 PM  
         at Ginger's Garden Wellness Center in Orange County
          2488 Newport Blvd: Costa Mesa, CA 92627
          949-637-2790, event venue


Topics Include:
How can we Access the Divine Within?
Turning Lead into Gold, our internal Alchemy.
The importance of Clarity and Pure Motivation
What is Kunlun System, and what does your internal being know that you don't?  Kunlun Nei Gung
Keeping clear from unwanted influences, and more.

KUNLUN System / Kunlun Nei Gung,
is a practice for cultivating  the Taoist Gold Dragon Body, similar to the Tibetan Returnable Rainbow Body, and the Diamond Body. KUNLUN System is the root of internal alchemy spoken about by the Mountain Taoists, the  Egyptians, and many ancient Mystery schools.  A root practice allowing the practitioner direct access to their primordial, authentic being and teacher within.  The KUNLUN ® System generates super "natural" abilities, a body full of bliss, the opening of the wisdom eye and vitality as a bi product. Most importantly, it returns you to your original blueprint, a place of truth, stillness, awakening, and direct knowingness. Long held in secret,  the time has come to share to share this practice with those of heart and pure motivation. 

Ginger's Garden; 2488 Newport Blvd; Costa Mesa, CA 92627
ph (949) 637-2790./

2488 Newport Blvd

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Up Coming Workshop in Orange County and LA (Los Angeles)

    the  Kunlun (R) System - Kunlun Nei Gung ACCESSING THE  DIVINE WITHIN - Workshop

APRIL 10, 2010; Cancled
    at Ginger's Garden 
    Wellness Center
    2488 Newport Blvd:           
    Costa Mesa, CA 92627

    949-637-2790, event venue
Please RSVP for this Workshop below if you know you are coming in advance.  There may be a venue change. 


This Workshop will focus on the Kunlun System (R) practices, a rare form of internal energy practice for re-awakening to our true divine nature.

Until now Kunlun (R) practices have been hidden in temples and monasteries benefiting only a few people in each generation. The time has come for this knowledge to be shared with those interested in transformation during this time of ascension.

This practice is considered the fastest known pathway to re-awakening, because it quickly and simply removes all that is not needed. Kunlun (R) System reconnects the fragmented parts of our selves with the essence of all there is, and all there will ever be.


If you have already taken a Kunlun Workshop from Max or a certified instructor,  facilitator or apprentice,  please call us if you would like to take Kunlun 1A and 1B as a repeat - or only 1A or 1B a a repeat. 
Let us know who you studied with, when and what you have learned.  Discounts may apply.


Participants will experience:

Five Element Qigong

• Secret of the Golden Flower

• Kunlun Nei Gung*

• Maoshan Red Phoenix* *

• Spirit Travel

• And more

KUNLUN System (R)
A blissful internal energy practice that opens the body's energy system, which is comprised of 72,000 nadis (energetic pathways). Practicing Kunlun regularly generates psychic heat that purifies the entire body. The end result is that the channels can handle much stronger current. The highest attainment is the awakening of the golden dragon, or magnetic body.

A synchronized breath and visualization practice that creates a specific pathway to awaken dormant parts of the brain. This practice activates the pineal gland located within the precise geometric center of the brain, and is linked directly to the third eye. This gland is a vital regulator of the body's energy systems, and it has a direct relationship to our divine origins as spiritual beings. When the pineal gland is developed it contributes to: anti aging, natural release of DMT, telepathy and psychic abilities.

In this seminar, participants will receive the transfer from a certified Kunlun apprentice. The transmission awakens the specific route and frequency of the original light wisdom that has been passed from master to student through the many generations.

Discounts apply to those taking repeat Kunlun (R) workshops from our instructors at the Water Path.