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Welcome to our new kung fu, health & fitness website! We hope you find this site a valuable resource for learning about the benefits of kung fu practice for health, as well as about positive health & fitness practices in general. Although we are avid kung fu practitioners ourselves, we hope to be able to reach out not just to like-minded practitioners, but also anyone open to learning (and applying) something new in order to live a better, healthier life. If you've visited us before, check out the latest study (update added 1/10/2013) on negative health effects (including depression) of soda (especially diet), or our latest update on benefits to adding weight training to your exercise routine (fat burning facts you may not have known), or our latest update on yoga / chi kung meditation / and Tai Chi for menopause, or our latest update on the benefits of green tea (heart health and more).  And don't forget to check out our recent article on the power of breath control and coordination when working out, playing sports, or practicing kung fuAnd take another look at our article on the benefits of kettlebell training -- by popular demand, we have added video demonstrating the movements.  (This doesn't take the place of qualified instruction though!)  Also, take a look at Update #2 to the cancer article, as well as our article on the science of the mysterious concept of chi (and chi kung).  Also, due to popular feedback, CHECK OUT OUR NEW "TWEETS" SECTION BELOW, for the latest site updates, as well as other kung fu & fitness tidbits scoured from the web.  And check back soon for more content --  we have some interesting diet/nutrition articles planned, and more!

The term "kung fu" (功夫, pinyin: gong fu) is nowadays commonly used to refer to the Chinese martial arts and self defense techniques.  However, the true meaning of the term is much broader (and the true practice of kung fu is much deeper) than that.  "Kung fu", roughly translated, means skill/achievement gained through hard work/effort.  The term refers not just to martial skill, but to skill and achievement in all aspects of life.  Using the term in its broadest sense, a professional cook or an expert tailor are said to have good "kung fu" within their chosen professions.
Similarly, even within the context of martial training, "kung fu" refers to much more than just learning punches and kicks.  Among other things, kung fu is about the pursuit of knowledge, spiritual well-being, exercise/fitness, chi kung (氣功, pinyin: qi gong) (internal breathing and meditation techniques), and other practices for health and a better quality of life.  Did you know that when you go to the gym [that is, if you go to the gym :) ], you are practicing an aspect of kung fu?  This site's primary focus is on the practice of kung fu, especially as it pertains to health and fitness, as well as on beneficial health/fitness practices in general.

Did you know?

Fight Cancer:

Studies show that exercise (and in particular, martial arts training) and chi kung meditation can help your body to fight (or prevent) cancer.

See article under "News".

For more information on this and many other cancer fighting tips, check out the book "Anticancer", by David Servan-Schreiber, MD, PhD.