Online Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Certification Course $34.99

Includes full teacher training manual and access to back office of all tutorial videos and classes.

Online Meditation Teacher Training Certification $19.99

Includes full teacher training manual and access to back office of all tutorial videos and classes.

Both Certifications $45.00.


Become a Successful Yoga Teacher | Meditation Instructor Certification Program

or Integrate Kundalini and Meditation into Your Own Healing Path

Hello friends, we are Ren and Ricardo Delgado and the creators of the Yoga Teacher Certification course.

As founders of RenMethod, wellness, meditation and yoga, our life’s mission is to spread the wisdom of a peaceful life to as many people as we can find and we achieve this goal through our program.

If you are passionate about living a peaceful life and are keen to become a teacher, we are sure you will love this program and that it will cover every aspect of becoming a successful and skilled yoga instructor. One of the most rewarding career’s one can have is helping others. As a yoga teacher you can not just help people with their personal development, but can also help them with their spiritual growth evolution. In addition, you can bring the widespread benefits of yoga to the students, which include health, healing, joy, peace, clarity, confidence and more.

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Join Hundreds of Successful Yoga Teachers

Includes access to the student back office for 4 months after purchase that contains a library and instructional videos (move time available if needed at no additional cost)

Our Certification Program is Extremely Affordable

Heal Yourself, Balance Your Body, Mind and Emotions

Discover Meaning and Purpose

Learn to Sit Still and Peaceful

Live Wisdom, Joy, Happiness

Learn Yoga Breathing Exercises, Learn and Live Meditation

Learn Key Healing Motions

Full Email Support from Ren and Ricardo

Teaches Basic and Advanced Yoga Poses and Postures

Teaches You How to Teach a Great Yoga Class

Teaches Yoga Routines and Yoga Kriyas

Shows You How to Run a Successful Yoga Studio

Length: Designed for 8 weeks, but you may take longer or shorter depending on your level of expertise.

Course Material and Testing: Teacher Training Manual emailed to you immediately after ordering. Back Office Access within 4 hours to all students.

This allows to start the program right away. Notify us by email me for the exam once done with the course. Email back once complete, this then qualifies you for your certification.