Kundalini, Meditation

and Movement

We like to refer to our yoga and meditation as stillness as it is non religious based and

we only use the English language to communicate to you. It really is stillness without

all the mind chatter that reduces stress. This is what we teach, STILLNESS, so you can be in peace.

Kundalini Yoga

If you were to put all the yogas under one umbrella, Kundalini and African yoga would be that umbrella. Very close in nature, working to release the body's inner energy so as you can be energized, free and have a realization of who you really are. Which is not the small self, the me, the I.

Kundalini as we will refer to our yoga as has a lot to offer each of us. It is for those who are tired of living a stressed life without a lot of energy. Kundalini moves the body and quiets the mind.

Meditation Class

Learn to let go of attachment to constant thoughts, worries and stress related anxiety from overthinking. Many people say, I can't just sit still. We believe the opposite. We believe you are human being, not human doing. It is your nature to just be, still at times, without worry and anxiety. We can assist you in working towards the direction to this goal.


Renay Matthews - Delgado, CMT, D.A.Hom. Certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor

(Ren as her friends call her) is best known for her 2 decades of continual nutritional and wellness work with health practitioners across the USA as a director of a holistic health care company. Ren is a CMT (Certified Massage Therapist), D.A.Hom (Certified Homeopath) and Certified Nutritionist who is passionate about healing arts. For over a decade she has owned and operated a successful holistic health and wellness practice. She loves what she does and strives to enrich the lives of those she touches.

Ricardo Delgado, Certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor, Wellness Coach

Ricardo is best known for his Kundalini Yoga Work and his focus the fighting arts. He was born in Los Angeles California and has been an independent business owner for over a decade. He enjoys helping others achieve their personal best in wellness.

Ren and Ricardo met doing meditation and married 3 years later. They are loving life to the fullest while raising their incredibly artistic son Connor Amacio Matthews!

Our Virtual Online Subscription Offers Videos Updated Weekly that Include:

  • Guided Meditation Techniques
  • Stress Reduction
  • Options for Dealing with Day to Day Stress
  • Options for Dealing with Co Worker Stress
  • Options for Dealing with Boss Stress
  • Options for Dealing with Family and Friend Stress
  • Yoga Breathing Exercises
  • Health & Well Being Habits
  • Personal Development Habits
  • Learning to QUIET the Mind

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