Groups trying to stop asphalt plants

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Tupper is a medical doctor with a divinity degree. He speaks about the medical and ethical threat the asphalt plant, quarry, and cement plant pose to the community.
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Asphalt stinks (title of the film) a film of an operating asphalt plant
A company wants to put a high output asphalt mix plant in the middle of 5,000 existing residents, 3 schools, 2 elder care facilities, 5 churches, 3 day care centers and within 450 feet of the nearest home. Does this sound right or even ethical? Shouldn't local zoning block this? Isn't a zoning board supposed to protect the community?
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 Robin Jones, mother of two boys with breathing disorders, is concerned about the impact of a proposed asphalt plant on the health of her children and other children with breathing disorders
StopAsphalt Video 1  community interviews
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Stop Montrose Quarry Expansion

Montrose Quarry Asphalt Plant - Public kept in dark
Thursday, 20th July 2006
Cartoon is from the "stop Montrose Quarry" website
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"Boral is attempting to alter the regulations governing the operating conditions of the Montrose asphalt plant".
Stop Asphalt Announces

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