Boral, their application, acq. of Allens


Where can I find Boral/Allen’s application:

Allen’s application to the Maroochy council is available from the local council web site:


If this cannot be accessed directly, follow the links through “application enquiry” and type in the application number following.


The application number is MCU07/0219.


The web site has the full application as attachments, plus outstanding requests by the Maroochy Council and State EPA for more information (the EPA is termed the concurrence agency, or the EPA).

Allen’s Asphalt Company have "letter-dropped" residents.



Allen’s Asphalt Company have "letter-dropped" residents. 


Concerns raised that Allen's PR is different from actual application and Allen's are attempting to influence the level and content of public submissions; click here for details. 


Requests by EPA

Attached below is a letter from the QLD state Environment Proctection Agency requesting more information from ALLEN's.
Some questions raised by the EPA:
  • Questions pertaining to noise levels, and methods to measure noise, including noise made at night when residence sleep
  • The level of emissions of aromatic hydrocarbons (benzene and relatives) is comparison to other plants
  • The EPA state, in regard to Allen’s application, that “Emissions of odour, VOC, toxic air pollutants and particulates are the major issues from an asphalt plan”, and request more information on Allen’s modelling, including the number and size of the stacks, the control technologies for treating gaseous pollutants, the effectiveness of removing odours.
  • The EPA question Allen’s choice of “sensitive receptors” (ed: groups of neighbours/residents/clubs), and say it is not clear Allen’s have considered the nearest sensitive receptors. EPA suggests Allen’s consider sensitive receptors in the nearby sports facilities, commercial neighbours.

Requests from Maroochy shire council for Allen/Boral

Here are the outstanding requests for information from council.
Some of the questions coucils asked:
  • Lodge a traffic and access report for the proposed development.
  • Number of daily truck movements to and from the site
Full details:

of council request given as attachment "Full details required by council.doc" at bottom of page


Boral acquires Allens

9 December 2002

Boral Acquires Allen’s Asphalt in Queensland

Boral Limited announced today that it has acquired the business of Allen’s Asphalt Pty Ltd, an independent asphalt company in Queensland.
With annual sales of around $20 million, Allen’s Asphalt has been acquired for an EBITDA multiple of approximately 4 times (before synergies). The acquisition is subject to clearance by the Australian Consumer and Competition Commission.
Allen’s Asphalt Pty Ltd is both a manufacturer of asphalt and a contractor with three asphalt plants strategically located in South East Queensland growth corridor. Two plants service the Sunshine Coast and the third plant services the south Brisbane market.
The Executive General Manager of Boral’s Australian Construction Materials Division, Emery Severin, said “Allen’s has built up a strong reputation as a quality operator and this business will complement Boral’s existing network of quarries and asphalt plants in the region.”
The Managing Director and CEO of Boral, Rod Pearse, said today that “the move further strengthens our construction materials position in the South East Queensland market with Allen’s Asphalt securing Boral a low-cost asphalt presence on the Sunshine Coast, a high growth area.”
The business is expected to be earnings per share positive within the first full year of operation.
For further information please contact:
Emery Severin Kylie FitzGerald
Executive General Manager General Manager, Corporate Affairs
Boral Australian Construction Materials Boral Limited
Phone (02) 9220 6401 Phone (02) 9220 6390 or 0401 895 894
Boral Limited
ABN13 008 421 761
Level 39, AMP Centre
50 Bridge Street, Sydney
GPO Box 910, Sydney NSW 2001
Telephone (02) 9220 6300
Facsimile (02) 9223 6605

Boral own the land adjacent to site of proposed Asphalt Plant. Boral owns Allens.

Their web site (Allens)

Boral owned Allen's Asphalt
Links to Allen's Asphalt
One of Allen's Asphalt Plants (photo from Allens web site).
  An existing Allens/Boral asphalt plant at Lytton Road, Lytton

Forecast growth for the Sunshine Coast Region is anticipated to more then double in the next 10 years. To ensure market demand will be met, Allen's has in place a development proposal to locate a state of the art asphalt manufacturing facility at the Kunda park Industrial estate. This plant will be capable of servicing our clients needs into the future.


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