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-This is a resource/ awareness kit for the neighbours of Kunda Park, and for all Sunshine Coast residents and visitors.

-It contains information about the proposed developments at Kunda Park, changes to the Eudlo Ck floodplain, impacts to the environment and livability, the Boral/Allen's Asphalt Plant, new golf course, cement plants  and proposed high voltage lines.

-It is being prepared by residents in consultation with each other including the Diddillibah Community Hall & Progress Ass Inc., and other progress associations.

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There are about 20 or so pages of information, news and comment
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Many residents, including experts in real estate, transport, asphalt, town planning, climate modelling, chemistry, epidemiology, environmental sciences and physiology have provided input into these pages. Click here to go to "consultations"
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Asphalt plant axed


Buderim Weekly 3r March 2010
by Nicole Fuge

 Photographs below
show the distances of residential communities
and sensitive marine environmental conservation areas
from the proposed asphalt site:
click to view at high resolution
The Asphalt plant will be 3,100 m from Woolworths Buderium, and 4,200 m to the Plaza, Maroochydore.
Tupper is a (US) medical doctor with a divinity degree. He speaks about the medical and ethical threats an asphalt plant, quarry, and cement plant pose to a US community.
Tupper Morehead