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Hi, I am Kunal Verma. I am the CTO of a start-up called AppZen.  AppZen uses natural language processing and artificial intelligence technologies to make Expense Reports for enterprises easy. You can also see my profile at LinkedIn
Latest News 
  • Paper titled "Joint Extraction and Labeling via Graph Propagation for Dictionary Construction" accepted at AAAI 2013
  • Paper titled "Building a Lightweight Semantic Model for Unsupervised Information Extraction on Short Listings" accepted at EMNLP-CoNLL 2012
  • Paper titled "Automatically Mapping Natural Language Requirements to Domain-Specific Process Models" accepted at IAAI 2011 (acceptance rate ~30%)
  • Paper titled "Ontology Alignment for Linked Open Data Cloud" Accepted at International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC) 2010 (acceptance rate 20%)
  • My blog posting on the Requirements Analysis Tool featured in a Computer World article - May 2010
 Recent Program Committees  (complete list)
  • ICWS 2013 (Work-in-Progress Track Chair), IEEE Cloud 2013
  • IEEE Cloud 2012, ODBASE 2012, ICWS 2012 (Work-in-Progress Track Co-Chair), WISE 2012
  • WISE 2011, IEEE Cloud 2011, IJCAI 2001, ODBASE 2011
  • IEEE Cloud 2010, ICWS 2010, ISWC Industry Track 2010
  • ICWS 2009, ISWC 2009
  • ICSOC 2008, ISWC 2008 (PC Vice-Chair), BPM 2008, ICWS 2008