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Kumiko Sakaki
I have 2 painting style. Style A has the soft mood warmly.
and style B seems to realistic and nostalgic. Really, I love good old era.
Usually, I'm using the acrylic paint, but I draw the black and white by pencil.
My main works are the book cover and magazine's illustrations.
1976 Born in Fukuoka Prefecture.
1995 Graduated from Chikuyo Gakuen Design High School.
1999 Graduated from Tokyo University of Art and Design.
2004 Graduated from Setsu Mode Seminar (Art school).

1997 Five people exhibition.(Tokyo Hachioji)
2004 Peace Card exhibition 2004(Gallery Tamagono koubou)
2005 Picture Book's Room(Bartok Gallery)
2006 Peace Card exhibition 2006(MOTT Gallery)
2007 Illustrators Tsushin Exhibition Vol.6(OPA gallery)
    "Children and playing" exhibition(OPA gallery)
    "Other Side Of Bologna Book Fair"(ART HOUSE)
    "100 ART ARAQ"(Art Shot Bar ARAQ)
    "Very Merry Christmas!"(Mireya Gallery)
2008 Illustrators Tsushin Exhibition Vol.7(OPA gallery)
    "VIVA! ITALIA"(Dazzle)
    "Coco and the Wondrous Gang"(Gallery80)
    "What a Wonderful World"(Mireya Gallery)
2009 Iroha Carta Exhibition(Dazzle)
2010 "Oji☆Colle2"(Dazzle)
    "2010 Art Exhibition"(Mireya Gallery)
2011 "Oji☆Colle3"(Dazzle)
2012 "The Bookcover Artwork for No.44 the Mysterious Stranger by Mark Twain"
2013 Iroha Carta Exhibition(Dazzle)
         Kumiko Sakaki Solo Exhibition "The scent of the fop"(Malpu Gallery) 
2014  Illustrators Tsushin Exhibition(Dazzle)

Main Activity
2006 "3x3 Magazine" New Talent Gallery
2007  Illustrators Tsushin and this website
2008 Illustrators Tsushin magazine and this website
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Gendai Jinbun, Inc. / Kobunsha Co., Ltd. / Bungeishunju Ltd.
Benesse Corporation / Horitsubunkasha Inc.
Malpu Design Ltd. / 3x3magazine

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