Chautari / Chautaro: A Future Research Possibility




What we know about the problem:


  1. The planters of the two trees marry the two trees
    1. Male/female tree
    2. Bar and Pipal trees
  2. It is said that the combination of these two trees creates oxygen, and peaceful place in which to rest
  3. It is said that only the truth can be spoken while sitting on the Chautaro
  4. Worship
    1. Used in early morning puja rituals (one or both trees?)
    2. Lord Buddha was sitting on a chautaro when we received enlightenment
  5. Chautaro are gathering places
    1. Equal distance from others
    2. Steps are set so that  a traveler can rest his/her load


Future Research Questions:

·         history from Tika’s family / village

·         distances and rectangular geometry to be explored

1.             including  old forms of measurement

2.             placement re: compass direction