The Math Trail at Kathmandu University

Kathmandu University

Math Trek Modeling Projects

June 23, 2007 in Sankhu, Kathmandu Valley, Nepal

On June 23, 2007 a group of Prof. Shashidhar Belbase's students studying ethnomathematics from Kathmandu University went to Sankhu, about 20km from Kathmandu.  What will be presented here will be some of the work produced by the class.


Daniel Clark Orey, Ph.D.

Senior Fulbright Specialist to Nepal, June-July 2007

Sankhu was once an important post on the trading route between Katmandu and Lhasa and although the town’s flower has faded, you can still see many signs of its former prosperity.  Although many traditional signs aspects of Newari life continue here, the most persuasive reason  to visit is the beautiful Vajrayoggini Temple complex a 2km walk northeast of town.

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