Mala and I at the White Sands National Monument in the northern Chihuahuan Desert. The white sand dunes are gypsum crystals [Wikipedia]
I am an Environmental Scientist (Water Quality Modeler) on a mission to make environmental models and data available, informative, interactive, actionable, and beautiful for everyone who cares. 
  • Water quality modeling
  • GIS 
  • Stormwater management
  • Environmental data analysis
  • Statistics in water resources
  • Programming for the web

Long-term research goal 
Move environmental modeling domain from the prescriptive situation (depicted on the left in the following figure), typical for most environmental studies, to the collaborative situation (depicted on the right) that builds capacity within stakeholder communities to handle pressing long-term issues such as climate change.
Stakeholder's direct access

Research Areas
Environmental informatics, watershed management, stormwater management, water resources (quality and quantity) modeling, environmental monitoring, regional climate change impact, GIS application in water research,  machine learning, and human & social dynamics.

Venn Diagram

Map of instantaneous streamflow conditions at the Occoquan Lab's gauging stations in Northern Virginia 
Image from https://wqdata.owml.vt.edu/RealTimeImage

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