6th Grade Homepage

Welcome to Kulshan!  The 6th Grade team is excited for a new year and new opportunities!  Check out our pages to see what is happening in class. 

Absence Procedure

1.  Update Planner   (preferably before school starts)

a.  6th grade website

b.  Call or text friends who have the same teacher

c.  Talk to friends at school when you arrive the next morning

d.  Check postings in classrooms at 8:55am 

2.  Check in with teachers between 8:55am and 9:10am

a.  Ask questions

b.  Get materials

c.  Receive stamp if work is already done 

3.  Complete your work and earn your stamp

(show work and planner to teacher between 8:55am and 9:10am)

Independent Reading! 

Students will be "real" reading this year.  All students will know their LEXILE range.  They will learn to use various resources to help make sure they are choosing a book that is "just right" for them. 

Some easy "just right" strategies:
    1) Five Finger Rule - Students should find no more than five and no less than one word on a page of their book that they do not know.  This will help ensure he/she is being exposed to new vocabulary. 
    2) One-Minute Rule - "Just Right" books should take approximately one minute to read one page (silently or out loud).

Lexile Resources (click the links):


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