Raghav Kulkarni
 contact e-mail:  <kulraghav@gmail.com>

Current Status: Post-doctoral Fellow CQT-Singapore (before LIAFA Paris 7 and LRI Paris 11 - France)


(August 2010) Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Chicago - USA

(December 2008) M.S. in Computer Science from the University of Chicago - USA

(August 2004) B.Sc. in Mathematics from the Chennai Mathematical Institute - India


  •  Reachability is in DynFO  ICALP 15                                                                               Joint work with Samir Datta, Anish Mukherjee, Thomas Schwentick, Thomas Zeume             
  •  Upper bounds on Fourier Entropy  COCOON 15                                                              Joint work with Sourav Chakraborty, Sathya Lokam and Nitin Saurabh                                  
  •  On fractional block sensitivity CJTCS 15 Chicago Journal of Theoretical Computer Science      Joint work with Avishay Tal                                                                                                                    
  •  On the power of parity queries in Boolean decision trees    TAMC 15                              Joint work with Youming Qiao and Xiaoming Sun                                                                     
  • Dynamic Complexity of Reachability and Matching   ICALP 14                                   Joint work with Samir Datta and William Hesse                                                                        
  • Trial and Error Complexity of Constraint Satisfaction Problems  ICALP 14                    Joint work with Gabor Ivanyos, Youming Qiao, Miklos Santha                                                
  • An efficient parallel algorithm for finding hidden parabolic subgroup in general linear group MFCS 14 Joint work with Thomas Decker, Gabor Ivanyos, Youming Qiao, and Miklos Santha                                                                                                                            
  • Property testing bounds for linear and quadratic functions via parity decision trees      CSR 14 Joint work with Abhishek Bhrushundi and Sourav Chakraborty                                               
  • Space complexity of optimization problems in planar graphs TAMC 14                            Joint work with Samir Datta                                                                                                      
  • Any monotone property of 3-uniform hypergraphs is weakly evasive  TAMC 13              Joint work with Youming Qiao and Xiaoming Sun                                                                    
  • Evasiveness through circuit lens  ITCS 13                                                                           
  • Query complexity of matroids CIAC 13                                                                               Joint work with Miklos Santha                                                                                                    
  • Gems in decision tree complexity revisited Invited survey SIGACT News  2013                                                                                                                                                        
  • Space Complexity: What makes planar graphs special ? Invited survey Bulletins of  EATCS 2013   Joint with Samir Datta                                                                                       
  • Improved bounds on Bipartite Matching on surfaces 
          Appears in the proceedings of STACS 12  (2012) 
          Joint work with Samir Datta, Arjun Gopalan, and Raghunath Tewari                                                                                         
           Journal of Computer and Systems Science Volume 78(3) 765-799  (2012)
           Joint with Samir Datta, Raghunath Tewari, and N. V. Vinodchandran
            The conference version appears in STACS 11
              ACM Transactions on Computation Theory  To appear  (2011)    
               Theory of Computing Graduate Surveys 4 (2011)
               Joint with Pooya Hatami and Denis Pankratov

               Appears in the proceedings of STACS 10 (2010)
               Joint with Laszlo Babai, Anandam Benerjee, and Vipul Naik

             ACM Transactions on Computation Theory  Volume 1 issue 3 (2010)
             Joint with Samir Datta, Nutan Limaye, and Meena Mahajan
             The conference version appears in CSR 07 
              Theory of Computing Systems  Volume 47 Number 3 737-757 (2009)
              Joint with Samir Datta, and Sambuddha Roy
              The conference version appears in STACS 08
              Invited to appear in the special issue in Theory of Computing Systems 
              Computational Complexity Volume 18 Number 4 601-649 (2009)
              Joint with Mark Braverman, and Sambuddha Roy
              The conference version appears in CCC 07
              Chicago Journal of Theoretical Computer Science  Volume 2008 Article 4 (2008)
              Joint with Meena Mahajan, and Kasturi Varadarajan
              The conference version appears in ESA 04

              Appears in the proceedings of CIAC 06 (2006)

    Appears in the proceedings of SPIE 06 (2006)
              Joint with Abhinav Bahadur, Christoph Durr, and Thibault Lafaye 

    Ph.D. Thesis: Computational Complexity: Counting, Evasiveness, and Isolation