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Vanessa Carlton Lyrics

Coheed And Cambria Lyrics

Shabutie Lyrics (Coheed And Cambria's older work)

The Prize Fighter Inferno Lyrics (Claudio Sanchez's solo project)

(possibly more coming soon)


Free download of the (week?): Vanessa Carlton - Home (Live at the Star Lounge, 07/24/2007)


All lyrics posted on this site are the sole property of the artist that wrote them, of course.

What I do, is I find lyrics on the internet that are INCORRECT, and I put up the CORRECT lyrics here!

sounds like it's been done before? -- LIES!
I make sure everything is done to my own perfectionism ways.

I post different variations of lyrics, as most artists change their lyrics, even just a little, or by mistake even, when they perform their song live, or in an earlier demo version of that song.


I might also eventually put up some different variations of Regina Spektor songs (as she changed a bunch of stuff while performing it live)

I'll probally do other artists and bands too, but I can't gaurantee anything, seeing as I only have... what? 100 MB to work with?


Ok, this website is going to take me ....oh, about FOREVER to finish or get anything done on it, considering I take my time while typing out lyrics, and I check over them multiple, multiple times to make sure they're correct.


So, why should you believe that the lyrics here are correct, and NOT the lyrics posted everywhere else on the internet?
Well, simply because the internet lies to you, and most lyric websites steal their lyrics from other websites, so if one simple mistake is made, everyone makes that same mistake.

just shut up and believe me. lol.