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GIS and Water Resources( DR Maidment-page)

All the links in this page are taken from Professor Maidment data source page, Utexas, Texas, USA

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    • Geospatial One Stop (A central source for US Government data. This is a very large compendium of data sources and also information about data.)
    • Google Earth (An online map viewer with rapid imagery and terrain presentation.)
    • Water Resources Maps and GIS Information A link to 12 data sources with map data from the USGS or organizations connected with the USGS.

Hydrologic Unit Maps (HUC)

EPA Reach File 1 (RF1), Version 2.0

EPA Basins Model

National Hydrography Dataset (NHD)

    • Description and the data (The 8-digit hydrologic cataloging units are the basic water resources subdivision of the United States)
    • Description and data (Contains a large inventory of environmental data organized by 8-digit hydrologic cataloging units )

Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) for the United States

US Coastline from National Geophysical Data Center

USDA Soils Data


Utah Data