Aloha Everyone,

thanks for stopping by.  This page is under construction.  It will probably continue to evolve for many years.  My primary goal is to provide some information regarding growing sundews and other carnivorous plants in Hawaii.  When I started, I found there was lots of information on the internet, however many of the supplies suggested are not easily obtained on Maui.  Silica sand for example.   I have found a few things locally that substitute quite well.

Early on, I was one of those people who managed to kill a Venus flytrap as a kid.  I was fascinated by carnivorous plants, but didn't have access to them.  I found out that one species of sundew, Drosera anglica, grew in the Alakai Swamp on the Island of Kauai and had tried often to go find it.  Thus far, I have never seen it growing in its natural environment. I have since gotten seeds from a friend and grow them in Kula, Maui.   Of course this has started me on a journey to learn about other sundews and how to grow them.  This website is sort of a travel log of my journey seeking knowledge.

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