Centennial High School DNA Club

Home of CHS Student Independent Biology Projects

Welcome to the webpage for the Centennial High School DNA Club. We hope you enjoy looking at our projects and student work.

The Centennial DNA Club was formed in 2018 as a place to showcase the work of independent biology projects performed by Centennial students at Centennial.

Our Goals:

- To provide the means for Centennial students to perform their own intrinsically motivated research

- To give students a way to share biology research in a non-competitive way that focuses on scientific discovery

- To expose students to DNA and research methodology in order to develop skills for their next level

- To contribute to scientific discovery

We hope you will take a look around at what we have done, are doing and what we will do.

If you are a teacher and your students are doing like-minded research, we would love to engage and share ideas.

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