Moritz Kuhn

Associate Professor
Department of Economics
University of Bonn
Adenauerallee 24 - 42
53113 Bonn
+49 228 73 62096

Office hours

By appointment
Address: Kaiserplatz 7-9, 4th floor

Short CV

long CV pdf  (last updated: September 2016)

March 2016 - today Associate Professor (with tenure), Department of Economics, University of Bonn

February 2016 - today Associate Editor Macroeconomic Dynamics link to journal webpage

September 2016 - today CEPR Research Affiliate, Monetary Economics and Fluctuations (MEF)

November 2012 - today IZA Research Fellow link to IZA page

August 2014 - March 2016 Associate Professor (without tenure), Department of Economics, University of Bonn

April 2010 - July 2014 Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, University of Bonn

Research visits

Spring/Summer 2014 Visiting Scholar at the University of Minnesota, Department of Economics

Spring 2011 Visiting Scholar at the University of Pennsylvania, Department of Economics

2005 - 2010 Ph.D. student at the Center for Doctoral Studies in Economics, University of Mannheim, advisor: Tom Krebs

Working papers

Etiopathology of Europe’s sick man Worker flows in Germany, 1959 - 2016 with Benjamin Hartung and Philip Jung (September 2016)
available as IZA Discussion Paper No. 10341

Earnings losses and labor mobility over the life-cycle with Philip Jung (May 2016)
available as IZA Discussion Paper No. 6835  or as CEPR Discussion Paper 11572
Revision requested at Journal of the European Economic Association

Trends in income and wealth inequality (May 2014)

Published papers

Insurance in Human Capital Models with Limited Enforcement with Tom Krebs and Mark Wright (November 2016)
available as IZA Discussion Paper No. 9948 or as CEPR Discussion Paper No. 11612
Accepted for publication at Review of Economic Dynamics

2013 Update on the U.S. Earnings, Income, and Wealth Distributional Facts: A View from Macroeconomic Modelers with José-Víctor Ríos-Rull (April 2015)
All results from the paper can be found on this data page.
Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis Quarterly Review, April 2016, Vol. 37 No. 1 (link)
Slides from presentation at the Royal Economic Society Meeting 2016 in the session on "Earnings, Consumption and Wealth"

Human Capital Risk, Contract Enforcement, and the Macroeconomy with Tom Krebs and Mark Wright
available as NBER Working Paper No. 17714 (December 2011)
available as IZA Discussion Paper No. 9228 (July 2015)
here an discussion on the paper on the NEP-DGE Blog
 American Economic Review, Vol. 105, No. 11, p. 3223 - 72 (November 2015, lead article)

Optimal taxation in a habit formation economy with Sebastian Koehne
online appendix
Journal of Public Economics, Vol. 122, p. 31-39, February 2015

Review of Economic Dynamics, Vol. 18, Issue 3, January 2015

Labor market institutions and worker flows: Comparing Germany and the U.S. with Philip Jung
paper has been previously circulated under the title "Labor Market Rigidity and Business Cycle Volatility"
Labor Market Rigidity and Business Cycle Volatility working paper with additional results (January 2011)
Download monthly worker transition rates for West Germany 1980 - 2004 (see paper for details)
The Economic Journal, Vol. 124, Issue 581, p. 1317-1342, December 2014
column on VoxEU (February 2015)

Recursive equilibria in an Aiyagari style economy with permanent income shocks
International Economic Review, Vol 54-3 (August 2013)


For results on the U.S. earnings, income, and wealth distribution please visit this data page. It comprises results from my paper with José-Víctor Ríos-Rull (see Research section above)
together with some additional results. I am still uploading some additional  results from time to time. Please contact me if you have questions or comments. 


IZA/CREST/Bonn University Workshop on Employment Policies and Heterogeneity in the Labor Market
I am organizing with Pierre Cahuc and Konstantinos Tatsiramos. The workshop will take place on March 4-5, 2016 at the IZA in Bonn.


  • Spring 2016 Labor Economics
                        Macroeconomics (Ph.D.)
  • Fall 2015 Macroeconomics A (in German)
                    Seminar “Household finances and the macroeconomy”
  • Spring 2015 Labor Economics
                        Macroeconomics (Ph.D.)
  • Fall 2014 Macroeconomics A (in German)
                Seminar “Heterogeneous agents models”
  • Fall 2013 Macroeconomics A (in German)
    Spring 2013 Topics Course "Limited Commitment Models"
  •                      Seminar “Household finances in the macroeconomy” with Thomas Hintermaier
  • Fall 2012: Macroeconomics A (in German)
  • Spring 2012: Seminar (Project module) "Labor markets" with Philip Jung
  • Fall 2011: Macroeconomics A (in German), Topics Course “Optimal Unemployment Insurance”
  • Spring 2011 Seminar “Labor Economics”, literature list
  • Fall 2010: Macroeconomics A (in German)
  • Spring 2010: Seminar “Consumption and Saving”