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The Short-Run Macro Implications of School and Child-Care Closures (June 2020) with Nicola Fuchs-Schündeln and Michèle Tertilt

Call for papers for the 3rd European Midwest Micro/Macro Conference (EM3C)    NEW Submission deadline: 20 August 2020

Research agenda, videos, and data

Radio podcast "Tagesgespräch" on BR2 (in German) from October 2019: "Kluft zwischen Arm und Reich - Wie viel Ungleichheit verträgt unsere Gesellschaft?"

Link to video of presentation Wealth and Income Inequality in America 1949-2016 at Spring 2019 Fed Listens Conference at the Minneapolis Fed (starts at 1h39m)

Link to video of my presentation (session four) on a project using the Historical Survey of Consumer Finances at the St. Louis Fed Symposium "Is College Still Worth It?"

Read about my research agenda Understanding Income and Wealth Inequality (appeared in EconomicDynamics April 2017)

Links to videos of lectures at CES Munich on Income and Wealth Inequality: Theory and Evidence

For the results from my paper with José-Víctor Ríos-Rull (see Research) on the U.S. earnings, income, and wealth distribution please visit the data page. The page comprises results from the paper together with some additional results that are not in the paper. I am still uploading some additional  results from time to time. Please contact me if you have questions or comments.